Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2013

Withdrawn Of Asda Smart Price Corned Beef from Market

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Withdrawn Of Asda Smart Price Corned Beef from Market

Dutch Food Safety Authority informed that it tried to trace the meat selling to one hundred and thirty companies in Netherlands and three hundred seventy companies in fifteen other countries which include France, Spain and Germany. Tjitte Mastenbroek, the spokesman of Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority of Netherland said that the Dutch people who supply meat were not providing the reports for the origination of 50,000 tons of horse meat. He also said that though there was no indication that it is danger for the public, they could not provide guarantee as the companies have not revealed the origin of the meat. ‘Food Safety Authority’ of those 15 countries has notified the concerns and the horse meat of the Dutch companies will be forced to remove it from selling. The two meat suppliers in Dutch were Wiljo Import en Export B.V. and Vleesgroothandel Willy Selten B.V. On Tuesday, Asda Chain of Walmart gave a recall about Smart Price Corned Beef that the meat was removed from the shelves as it contains bute, which is one of banned drugs, in a small dosage in the horse meat. Asda also informed through the company website that people having Asda Smart Price Corned Beef must not eat the meat as it causes many health risks on eating it and consumers must return the meat products to the stores. Till Tuesday, there was no prediction that horse meat which was sold in UK has caused any effects on the people. 8 horses which were slaughtered in the Britain contained bute when it was tested. It is a fact it will take a long time for making test to detect the bute drug than the horse DNA.  This is the reason that Asda has removed the meat from the stores before performing the test in detecting the bute.  Mary Creagh who was an environment spokeswoman worried that the banned bute drug has been founded in one of the corned beef brand. The food industry of Britain tested more than 5,400 products and 1% showed the horse meat traces.


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