Published On: Sun, Aug 24th, 2014

World’s First Chocolate Bathroom- Wow Yummy

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When people talk about a bathroom, what will most likely come to their mind is usually a room where they can maintain the hygiene of their body. Yes, a bathroom is often regarded simply as a place to take a bath or bladder. This makes it one of the most important elements to have at home. Without a bathroom, a home can’t be considered a proper home. Nonetheless, it seems that there are some people in this world who have rather unique ideas regarding a bathroom. These people don’t see a bathroom only as a place for maintaining their body cleanliness. Instead, they can often transform their bathroom into something the world may not have ever seen before, like this chocolate bathroom from England.


This bathroom literally consists of chocolates everywhere. The chocolates are even edible as they are the highly famous Belgian chocolates, with a purity level achieving 100%. Invented by a British design firm, Bathrooms, this particular bathroom is unlike any other bathrooms in the world. It will definitely amaze everyone who enters it as there are plenty of furniture sets that are made of chocolates in it. The British design firm in question does not work all on its own in order to bring such a unique idea of a bathroom to life. The 100% pure Belgian chocolate bathroom is actually the result of the collaboration between the aforementioned design firm with a company known as the Choccywoccydoodah, a company that focuses in making chocolates. This is why the chocolates in the bathroom in question are literally edible.


Although the furniture sets that fill the bathroom are entirely made of pure chocolates, the funds required to build all those furniture sets and the bathroom are not cheap at all, at least based on the report published by the NYDailyNews. In total, the funds required achieve the figure of US$133,000. Those funds also cover the funds for building the toilet, the bath tub, the sink and pretty much all other elements that people can possibly find in the room.


At this point of time, most people will think that this particular bathroom sounds like a very cool one. Well, it is indeed a very cool one. However, it is not recommended for people who suffer from obesity or excessive body weight to pay a visit to this bathroom in particular. For those who are wondering what may seem to be the problem here is that the bathroom can actually make obese people get even fatter within a fairly short time period. This is mainly attributed to the fact that each of the sets of furniture contained within the bathroom has no less than 9.4 million calories due to its composition, 100% pure chocolate from Belgium. Just for information, 9.4 million calories are more than enough to feed a person for an entire year.


Yet, for those who can’t care less about their body weight, they may want to consider having a closer look at the chocolate bathroom by means of the World Wide Web pages. After all, the makers of this particular bathroom have decided to make the bathroom and its furniture sets available for sale on the internet. However, before deciding to spend any money on any of the chocolate furniture sets offered, there is one thing that people will have to keep in mind.


According to the makers, the chocolate furniture sets will melt if they are exposed to either hot water or direct sunlight. Yet, apart from hot water or sunlight, the furniture sets are not likely to melt, at least for six whole months, even if they are stored in a room that is considerably hot. In terms of chocolates, it seems that people have to admit that the pure Belgian chocolates actually have some sorts of durability. After all, it won’t take that long for most chocolates to resist melting when exposed to a relatively high temperature.

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