Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

Yoga Tips – How To Do Cat Stretch, Seated Two Leg Forward Bend

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How to do the Cat Stretch in Yoga

Yoga is a great for the body, mind and spirit. The cat stretch is wonderful for the back. It helps to stretch it out. Here is how to do it.

1. Get down on all fours. Hips should be over the knees and the shoulders should be over the wrists.
2. Inhale and then arch the back. Lift the chest up and away from the belly. Extend the tailbone towards the ceiling.
3. Exhale and round the lower back, contracting the belly.
4. Repeat 6 times.

Yoga Tips - How To Do Cat Stretch, Seated Two Leg Forward Bend

How to Do the Seated Two Leg Forward Bend

Yoga is great for the mind and spirit. But it also keeps the body limber and strong as well. The seated two leg forward bend is great for opening up the back of your legs. Here is how you can achieve this.
1. Sit on the floor on your yoga mat with your feet extended in front of you.
2. Extend your arms out in front of you and gently grab your ankles. You can bend your knees to make it more comfortable for you.
3. Hold for several counts. Breathe.

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