Published On: Fri, Feb 13th, 2015

You Can Keep Your Facebook Profile Alive Even After Your Death

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Facebook is introducing new features which will help you to man the profile page even after you die through a chosen contact.

The feature called “legacy contact” will be introduced by Facebook so that the friend and family members of the dead person have a chance to remember them through the profile updates.

The Facebook user can select a trusted family member or friend who will have certain rights to handle the Facebook profile after their death. The rights will include: posting memorial messages and updating the profile or cover photographs. The memorial message will is the first thing on the profile page.

You Can Keep Your Facebook Profile Alive Even After Your Death

The chosen contact will have the power to download the photographs, posts and any profile information of the deceased person for safekeeping. However, the particular contact will not be able to log in to the profile as the deceased and will have some limited powers only.

The feature can be activated by the trusted contact once they inform the Facebook that the person has died using the online form given for the purpose.

The social network announced the introduction of new feature through a blog post. Until now, the social network offered only a memorialized account when someone passed away. This account was only viewable and could not be handled by any other person.

Facebook felt that they can do more to support the grieving family members and friends after talking to people who were grieving on their loss. This feature will be useful for people who want to have a say about their account after their death.

Facebook has announced that their team is grateful and is humbled by working on this feature. They hope that this improvement will help people to experience a sense of possibility, support and comfort.

Initially, this feature will be available to the Facebook users in the United States. Facebook has made it clear that the service will soon be offered to the users around the world.

Facebook faced criticism after they banned the Native Americans under the impression that the traditional names like creeping bear and kills the enemy were made up names.

The company admitted their mistake and said that they had more work to do. The company has been long following the policy of real name which forbids its users from using nicknames or pseudonyms to register the Facebook account. According to the site, this will help people to know with whom they are connecting.

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