Published On: Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

You Can Undo Sent Mails on Google Inbox Soon

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Have you ever wished that you had a chance to recall your sent mail that you had just sent because you sent it to a wrong person or you missed attaching a link to it or you left the subject line blank? This is a common mistake that most people make when they send emails to their friends, relatives or business contacts.

You Can Undo Sent Mails on Google Inbox Soon

Google has proposed that this will never happen to Gmail users hereon as the Google inbox will be getting a new feature called “Undo Send” that will allow you  to recall the emails quickly before it reach the receiver. It will look as if you have never sent it in the first place.

Google has not come out in the open as to how this is possible. There are two ways how this could be possible. It could be more or less similar to how Blackberry Messenger does it and Google Inbox could just allow its users to annul the messages sent to the inbox users. There is also a buried and wrapped the Google Labs feature that allows Gmail users to un-send emails even if they have sent the mail, but this has to be done within 30 seconds of actually hitting the ‘send’ button or else the mail will get delivered at the recipient’s inbox.

This information was revealed by Google during a Reddit ask-me-anything session. Google Inbox Software Engineer Taylor Kourim in the Reddit AMA said that he loves to have the undo button on his Google Inbox and this is a feature that he would dearly love to implement. But, it will only be tied up with cross browser support. He also disclosed that the Google team is currently working on the feature and it is just a pipe dream now.

The other Google Inbox team members have expressed that they would like to see tablet support and snooze time customization offered in Google inbox. They also said that the ability to un-send mails is a very good feature and it is undoubtedly one of the best features that Google Inbox will be offering its users. This feature also would boost the popularity of the Google Inbox to dizzier heights. Google opened the Inbox to all the people who visited Reddit AMA event for a short time and at present it is just an invite only service.

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