Published On: Tue, Dec 2nd, 2014

You Might Know who Bill Gates Is, But Do you Know What www Means?

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If you are shown a photo of Bill Gates and asked to identify who the person in the photo is, then you would have probably guessed that the person in Bill Gates. A new study conducted by the Pew research center shows that more than 83% of the American public were able to easily identify who Bill Gates is in a photo shown to them. But, the irony is that fewer than a quarter people were able to tell the difference between the World Wide Web (www) and the internet.

You Might Know who Bill Gates Is, But Do you Know What www Means

A Pew survey on people’s knowledge about Twitter shows that nearly two-thirds of the Americans are aware that a tweet can only be 140 characters long (60%), despite only less than a fifth of Americans use Twitter. About 82% of the people surveyed were able to tell that hashtags were widely used in Twitter and about 77% people were correct in guessing that a PDF file can be sent by an email program.

Only fewer than a quarter people know who the COO of Facebook is and that the author of ‘Lean In’ is Sheryl Sandberg. Only 61% of the Americans knew that net neutrality is equal treatment of the digital content and only 69% of Americans were able to tell that URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. 74% of American though, were able to tell that the bigger amount of info is a megabyte and not a kilobyte.

66% of the surveyed Americans were able to identify ‘Wiki’ as an online collaboration tool. The worst part is that 23% of the Americans feel that internet and the WWW are the same.

Pew has put some of the survey questions that it had asked the American people online so that people who visit their website can test their internet knowledge and see if it is better than an average American. The 18 to 29 age group came closest to ace the 17 question survey as they were able to answer as many as 10 questions on an average correctly.

There was a question about which is the first popular web browser and this question seems to be a bit too much for the young quiz takers. The fact that many of the young quiz takers would not have been alive when the first web browser was launched makes it a bit unfair question for the youth.

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