Published On: Thu, Aug 2nd, 2018

You’d Be Surprised To Know The Secret Behind The Wealth Of This Retired Govt. Employee

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It’s hardly noticeable that Sudhir Gupta, retired from the post of Assistant Manager at a PSU firm, could have enough wealth to last his entire retirement and more probably. Most of his colleague who retired at similar pay-scale, think a lot nowadays if they have to spend money. Many of them are outright ignorant of any new market opportunity or about the risks their kids are taking in their careers.

You’d Be Surprised To Know The Secret Behind The Wealth Of This Retired Govt. Employee

But Sudhir is upfront, positive and open for anything. You can hear him telling his kids’ not to worry, work hard and even if they fail, he’s always there for them. You can’t help noticing their glowing faces and bright smiles whenever they talk to their dad.

‘Wealth can do that to people,’ says Mr Gupta. But how is wealth different for Mr Gupta than it is for his colleagues. He did not have an ancestral fortune, and like his other retired colleagues he did everything they did, was employed in similar positions, departments and conditions. Many even share the family structure, yet, Mr Gupta seems to be the happiest and most satisfied with his financial life.

While his wealth confession is true, we tried to know the secret behind his extraordinary wealth. Here is what he revealed over multiple conversations:

He Invested in Stocks

So, the first thing he reveals is that his wealth post retirement is not from the government pension plan, but from the equity stocks. He says his dividend income for the year often exceeds his pension income in the year.

He Started Small

His second revelation came while discussing his children’s investing habits. He agreed that they are not as resilient to spending as he was. But, accepts that time was different then. But he does encourage them to invest a part of their monthly income in stocks.

By the way, he started with his first pay check. Though his initial salary wasn’t much from today’s standards; he could invest Rs. 2000 which was about 70% of his first salary.

He Started Early

As mentioned in the previous point, a very young Sudhir Gupta went to a stock broker with his first salary check. This may sound a little out of the league but, as Mr Gupta notes and most investment experts agree, “this was perhaps the most important factor contributing to his wealth today.”

He Was Persistent

Sudhir says, he didn’t stop there. He continued with his next salary checks as well. He quips that perhaps he got used to that lifestyle. He’d walk whenever he could, skip outside snacks, and reduce visits to parents’ house to save money and live off only 30% of his monthly income.

The dividends of those sacrifices started coming in; he says just in about next 10 years.

He Invested in Worse Market Crashes

He chuckles when he talks about market crashes, national frauds which brought Indian stock exchanges to their knees. This is unusual for any stock investor, but Mr Gupta is made up of different clay. For him these times were the best opportunities to multiply wealth.

He simply continued with his investments, when people were panicking and getting out of the market. Some, never to return.

He Discussed His Investments Only with Professionals

The lastthing that he says, he did right was to invest only based on professional advice. He never ever discussed his stock picks or choices with his friends or relatives. Never asked them to pick a stock for him. He simply looked up the stock, tried to understand the company’s business, and if he could, he invested. If he couldn’t, he would simply stay out.

How Can You Replicate Mr Gupta’s Success?

In simple words, ‘you cannot’. No one can. But don’t give up on the idea of a rich and happy retirement like him. Not all of us are comfortable with equity markets or stocks. For investors like us, there are enough pension plans to help us multiply our retirement savings through equity market exposure.

Best pension plans even offer multiple levels of equity exposure, which you can select as per your comfort with the volatility and time available to you. For example, if you are more than 20 years away from your retirement, you can select a pension plan with up to 60% of equity investment. However, if you are less than 10 years away from retirement, select a plan which invests less than 30% in equity.

Generating Income After Retirement

Even if you look at the post retirement period, it can last up to 20 years or more. Which is quite a long period for your investments to benefit from equity exposure? Few pension schemes for senior citizens also offer minimum equity exposure even to help your retirement corpu grow.

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