Published On: Fri, Apr 28th, 2017

10 Interesting Start Ups to follow in 2017

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Many of the start-ups to look after and follow in 2017 from this list belong in the technological and artificial intelligence fields. Avaamo is one of them. It’s an application that manages chatbots. These bots, are the entrepreneurs responsible for this app have predicted, will be essential for many decisions in the future. They will provide information and advice on topics to discuss as well as weighing options for trips or shopping.

Abalo Publicidad

Abalo Publicidad is another successful start-up that focuses on selling work gifts and other work supplies for companies and individuals through its online store. The quality of the products sold is great which has helped the start-up grow so fast.


10 Interesting Start Ups to follow in2017

Continuing with the AI enterprises we have Cerebras, a highly prestigious start-up that focuses on monitoring and ensuring security for different types of content including legal matters. The founder is well known Andrew Feldman, previously popular for creating SeaMicro.


Clarifai is a company based in New York City and was founded 3 years ago. In such short time its products have taken the world by storm and have managed to enter every list of top ten start-ups for 2017. Their inventions focus on visual recognition of a variety of object to help in everyday life.


While Datalog does not create artificial intelligence, they make systems that directly assist other machines or products that make use of AI. It provides natural language options for said products and has been a great success since it was announced last year.

Wine Outlet

Wine Outlet is another start-up that’s had a surprisingly good success in the past year. It’s an online service and store that offers high quality wines along with vast information about each of them accompanies by reviews, giving potential clients enough data, to make informed decisions on which wines to buy.

Defined Crowd

Defined Crowd is another AI start-up that focuses on making systems specifically for assisting scientists. As you may know, during research there’s a huge amount of data that comes out of it. These systems promise to manage and accumulate this data in order to distribute them where necessary, improve analysis patterns and save time for scientists all over the world by making them easily accessible and with better sorting.


Galaxy.AI is another start-up that was founded in New York City. This time, it’s a company focusing on healthcare by making systems which generate patterns and coordinates to help with medical conditions. Thus it not only offers solutions, but fast, making it a great way to deal with unexpected health issues.


Hudl is a unique start-up and app that allows sports teams to communicate and organize better among them. It offers coaches of sports teams the tools to share with their players strategies, fitness and perfect nutrition tips in order to better prepare for the next game.


uSens performed really well during CES 2017 where they presented their product which combines AI and virtual reality, also known as VR, both of which have been advancing and becoming very popular in recent times. They have built some new helmet-like VR systems that are said to be very immersive!

Which of these start-ups seem the most promising to you? We recommend following all of them in 2017!

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