100+ Best Feminine Pelvic Tattoo Ideas That Will Amaze Your Mind

100+ Best Feminine Pelvic Tattoo Ideas That Will Amaze Your Mind

Are you looking for some feminine pelvic tattoo ideas? Then, here are some of the best designs you can use as suggestions.

The wide variety of possible feminine tattoo designs means that there is no such thing as a “female” or masculine tattoo design. All feminine tattoos can be worn by anyone, depending on their preference and how they want to express themselves.

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If you’re brave enough to get a feminine pelvic tattoo, know that it will be painful and take longer than other tattoos. There are several reports of people passing out during the pelvic tattoo process.

The pelvic area of a person is chock-full of nerve endings, so getting this feminine pelvic Tattoo can be an exciting and seductive way to spice up your femininity. The last few years have seen major growth in these types of tattoos as they’ve become increasingly popular – especially since society’s idea about what defines “Feminine.” Here are some great feminine pelvic tattoo ideas for you next time.

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Feminine Rose Outline Pelvic Tattoo

@kasey.tattooes via Instagram

A pelvic tattoo designed just for girls. The artist has used black ink to outline a rose tattoo near the private area of this person’s body, and it looks like so much work went into designing these delicate details in the perfect choice for your next pelvic Tattoo if You’re Looking To Get One Pierced.


Star Pelvic Tattoo Design

@gusartz via Instagram 

If you are looking for simple and classy tattoo designs, the star may be what your heart desires. With many women opting to have this symbol on their bodies because it creates an elegant vibe that is sexy as well–it would make sense why stars could turn out to be one of those great ideas everyone talks about.

Getting a feminine pelvic tattoo may seem appealing to some, but other options are available if you need more courage for this big decision. You can go with a henna tattoo which will only last about three weeks without fading away due to our skin’s overproduction of scarring agents- these aren’t painful either.

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Minimalistic Rose and Dagger Pelvic Tattoo

@ninistattoos via Instagram 

What is the meaning of a rose & dagger pelvic Tattoo? A rose is often associated with romance and beauty, but this Tattoo will also symbolize something deeper. The image of the knife could be seen as an act that betrays your loved ones or even yourself – think about how it has been used in both good times and bad. Together they make for quite interesting art; one who owns such a tattoo can claim their dark side without any regrets whatsoever.

This tattoo design is perfect for those who want to be subtle about their political beliefs. The piercing through the stem of this rose reminds us that even though it may feel like there are divisions in society, we all share many common values and principles which should come first before anything else – including our tattoo ideas.

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Pelvic Snake Tattoo

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The art here shows a woman with an image of snakes on her body. The color used in this piece is different from traditional black ink, and instead, you chose fiery red for its design which provides more depth to the overall look while remaining fashionable at all times.

Feminine Flower Tattoo Design

@terracotta_goth_tattoo via Instagram 

Most people think that flowers are just for aesthetic purposes. You can use them to create the perfect floral tattoo design, and this example proves them right.

The artist has created an amazing large-sized flower full of buds and leaves which looks innocent yet bold at once – something very hard indeed.

The artist has done an excellent job with this thigh tattoo design. While getting such hip tattoos, it’s also important to consider where you want the Tattoo placed on your body and if that particular location will look good in front of other people.

Other than feminine pelvic tattoo designs here, most tenders would benefit greatly from having some typeface associated with them, so they stand out more when seen up close–especially those who wear clothes often containing lots of colorful patterns.”

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Butterfly Pelvic Tattoo

@jt.tat2 via Instagram

Have you ever heard the story of Charlotte and her butterfly? She lost her wings in an accident, but this did not stop her from flying. The design on your Tattoo should follow suit; even if something tragic happens to take away some part or all its beauty-you can still fly.

The above image shows a beautiful bluebird with intricate detailing done through black ink as well as different shades, such as a white paper effect, which looks great for either arm, hips/thigh area, depending on what look likes best. With these details considered, they would make awesome pelvic tattoos, too, since creativity is limited when it meets functionality.

Pelvic Tribal Tattoo

@katepenntattoos via Instagram

Tribal tattoos are often used to pay tribute or display your heritage. The one above features an artistic, bold pattern that would make for great ink on any body part. You can use this pelvic tribal tattoo design as inspiration when looking at future inking sessions with friends/family members who may want new tattoos added to their skin portfolio.

Flower and Dragon Tattoo

@sangrenegratattoocrew via Instagram

When you want to draw attention and be dramatic, this feminine pelvic Tattoo is perfect. The Tattoo shows a dragon emerging from the rear end of its design while extending up toward your stomach.

It has bold lines that make it look both unique and aesthetically pleasing for any woman who loves artsy pieces on her body.

One good reason many women choose tattoos like these is that they’re able to highlight certain areas and show off their style at once – something everyone can appreciate no matter what kind suits them best: whether traditional or modern-looking—you pick which route takes preference in your life.

Quotes on Pelvic area Tattoo

@flinttattoo via Instagram 

Engraving any short and favorite quote on the pelvic area can also be a great feminine pelvic tattoo idea. As visible from this picture, someone had used ‘I believe in magic’ as their motto when they got these words permanently etched onto themselves through an intense process that took time, but the results looked stunning.

If you have any such quotes or phrases running around your head right now, you should get them translated into a tattoo form, so others will know how much thought was put forth before making such choices.

Small Flame feminine pelvic tattoo

@jonathan.camilo.demon via Instagram

You can check out a cute pelvic tattoo idea for your next pelvic Tattoo. The artist has outlined the flame near this woman’s private area in an elegant tattoo design with various colors to give it more detail and drama if desired.

This would also make for great thigh tattoos- either location will look awesome on them since they are complex but beautiful symbols capable of representing fiery passion or destruction.”

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Final Statement

The popularity of tattooing has increased exponentially in recent years. One popular placement for these tattoos is on the pelvic region, which you can do without pain because it’s so soft and forgiving compared to other parts like hands or feet.

But what happens when you get this creative pelvic tattoo design near your most delicate area? You have two options: live with an unappealing design that doesn’t look good anywhere else or go to great lengths so that someone will find out how much courage/stamina (or whatever) went into getting those words permanently etched onto one’s body.

When you are certain about your decision and have considered all the consequences, then getting this type of feminine pelvic Tattoo is right for you.

Some more feminine pelvic tattoo ideas:

  • Pelvic tiger tattoo
  • Pubic bone tattoo on Kitty
  • Firebird tattoo on the pelvis
  • Animal pelvic tattoo
  • Pelvic tattoo with a fox and a daisy
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