Published On: Mon, Jan 27th, 2014

Expelled Aam Admi Party MLA Binny calls off his fast

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Vinod Kumar Binny finally called of his fast merely 4 hours after he had started it to protest against

his own party. He said that he had called off his strike because of Anna Hajare who adviced him

that nothing could be gained by going on fast. He was expelled from the party on Sunday night on

disciplinary grounds.

He said that he was planning to go on to start a nationwide agitation if his demands were not fulfilled.

He said that he wanted Aam Admi Party to bring in the lokpal bill as soon as possible. If raising the voice

for people is an offence, then I don’t have any problem with it. He said.

He said that people who misbehaved with women and said offensive things are the one who should face

disciplinary action and not he. He was indirectly pointing at Somnath Bharti and Kumar vishwas.

He also met Lt Governor and asked for a probe in South Delhi rape case. He said that Somnath bharti

had committed a mistake and he ought to be punished.

Binny also pointed out various schemes that AAP had promised before elections and said that nothing

much was being done in this regard. He said that he is in no mood of joining any party, be it congress or

BJP. All he needed was good governance for people.

Bunches full of controversies that have surrounded Aam Admi Party in the recent past certainly pose

a question towards the future existence of the party. This condition can somewhat be related to the

impatient nature of people who wants everything to be done rapidly. It has not even been 1 month

since the party came to power. People including the party members should give some time for things to

get settled. If we could wait 66 years, then why don’t we wait for a few more days? It is really too early

to come to any conclusion. All people need to do is to keep themselves united and not lose patience and


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