Published On: Fri, Feb 6th, 2015

12th STD Students to Face Tougher CBSE Board Exams

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If your children are studying in the 12th standard of CBSE boards, then make sure that they prepare well for the board exams as there is an indication that the Class 12 CBSE board exams would be tougher than normal.

There have been a few changes made in the examination question papers. The major change is that the application based questions have been brought in to replace objective type questions. The changes to question paper patterns have been made on subjects like economics, accountancy, business studies and political science.

The political science question paper would now feature just 27 questions and it was earlier containing 31 questions. The number of questions has been compromised to increase the number of long questions. Students will now have to answer five one mark and two mark questions in the political science paper, which had 10 questions each previously. Now, it is easy for below average students to score good marks. There will be more analytical questions asked.

The business studies question paper carries 25 questions now instead of 30 and the mathematics question paper too has seen a change with 12th students needing to answer just 26 questions for the earlier number of 29 questions.

Teachers feel that the very purpose of continuous and comprehensive evaluation system (CCE) is being defeated through this new question paper pattern. There is a clear cut leniency shown towards long analytical questions instead of the short answer questions. The college teachers teaching social science and humanities subjects will be pleased to know that emphasis has been made on long answers for CBSE 12th board exams.

12th STD Students to Face Tougher CBSE Board Exams

The new sample question papers were tested on the candidates. Half or more of the questions asked in the accountancy sample paper were based on higher order thinking skills of the students. The application based questions in the paper does not need to stick to what is there in the textbooks. Students said that about 70% of the business studies sample paper had HOTS questions.

Students who are performing well in their class exams are enjoying the new pattern of questions. Teachers feel that the new pattern will affect the performance of students who take time to understand concepts. There are many CBSE schools who have already trained the students to attempt application based and interdisciplinary questions in their school exams.

Many CBSE school teachers and principals feel that nothing asked in the sample question papers is out of syllabus. The CBSE board does not want the exams to be text book based and instead are looking to test the skills of the students. There are also direct questions asked in the question papers to help the students to easily attain grade marks in their examination.

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