Published On: Tue, May 10th, 2016

5 Tips for Getting More Traffic on Your Facebook Group

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To run a successful Facebook group, you have to follow a few tips given by experienced members of Facebook. At first you have to actively promote your group to as many people as you can. After a hard effort of making the group look inviting, you will find that people are automatically interested in joining the group. A few tips are given below for promoting a successful Facebook group.

Set a Goal

To have a successful page, you first have to set a goal for it. You have to decide why you are going to open the group. The reasons can be that you have a strong sense of community, that you are only networking or connecting with new people, that you are offering assistance and support, or that you are promoting a business.

Decide the Type of Group

There are different types of groups found on Facebook such as open, closed, and secret. Open groups are found by anyone, and anyone can read the posts. Closed groups are found by anyone, but only members can only read the posts. For secret groups, you have to invite the members to join the group and after joining they can read the post.

Make a Significant Group Name

Find an interesting and eye-catching name for the group that will grab people’s attention. You have to be careful to find a unique name for your group because a relevant and outstanding name will give people an idea about your group.

Set Group Guidelines

Guidelines are very important for any group. You will need to set some membership rules. Your guidelines must be easily visible somewhere as documents or under the group description. Rules should be there in order to ensure a professional environment. For example, before posting advertisements, members have to ask for admin’s permission.

Ask for Better Ideas

By asking for new ideas from group members, you can create an interesting group. Hearing from the group members will help you to find a solution for enhancing your topic or enriching the page. At the end of the day, you have to make the decision, but learning about the members’ interests will surely help you. Both suggestions and complaints should be considered by the admin.

Welcome New Members

Your friendly welcome will comfort the members of your group. After you approve people into your group, look at the number of group members listed and click on the number of new members on the right side of the screen at the top. A drop down menu will open with a space to write a comment to welcome each person. Once you do this for each person and hit enter, that welcome will become a post in the group.

Introduce New Members

A small introduction of each new member will help other members to connect and interact with the new member. It will create a bond among the members. A brief introduction is also helpful for the admin to get known about the new members and their thoughts.

Share Resources with Group Members

Members should be motivated to join you group. Anything you find interesting and helpful for your relevant group, remember to add them in the File section so that group members also have the access to those files. The resources can be video, audio, pdf, articles, tutorials etc. Also, try to post new content frequently to keep your group updated. Group members can also be allowed to share their content under supervision.

Advertise Your Group

You should find some similar groups who have the same category as yours. After contacting the admins of those groups, set up a link that will introduce your group to the other groups’ members. You can tag your group also using the option in the group settings.

Form a Network

Find people who are interested in your topic and have a conversation about your group. Only send an invitation to individuals who ask to join. Do not add anyone to your group without permission because it is really annoying and rude.

Post More for More Participation

Find a way for your members to interact. Choose a topic of interest or post some documents and ask for feedback. Open discussion helps to make your group interesting and lively. Try to post a variety of topics daily.

Use Visual Content Marketing

For the group’s profile picture and cover page, choose an attractive picture that is relevant to your group. This should reflect your goals or branding in order to give an idea about the group.

Use Pinned Posts

To promote networking for the group, you have to use a pinned post for daily networking. Because it is at the top each day, people can notice it easily.

All of these tips may help you Facebook Audience Targeting and increase traffic for your Facebook group.

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