Published On: Thu, Dec 11th, 2014

57% Indians Cannot Live Without Their Smart Devices, Says a Survey

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It looks like the Indians are very much addicted to the Smartphones that they use. According to a global survey conducted by B2X Care Solutions, a customer care provider for Smartphones, a total of 57% of the Indians find it difficult to adjust without their Smartphones every day. It is part and parcel of their lives. The global survey has also revealed an interesting fact that 83% of the Indians keep their phones very close to their body or within reach all throughout the day. 98% of the Indians sleep with their Smartphones very close to them.

57 Indians Cannot Live Without Their Smart Devices, Says a Survey

The global survey on usage of mobile devices, service expectations and consumer behavior was taken out by B2X Care Solutions by polling over 2,500 tablet and Smartphones users in the United States, China, Brazil, India and Germany, where the Smartphones are in great demand. One in every 3 Indian is ready to give up his or her TV for a week to be with Smartphone.

One third of the Indians who were surveyed had either exchanged their Smartphone or mobile phone for another device or carried out a repair on their Smartphone that was covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The repairs in India, USA and China are also covered by external warranty than other countries. Most of the Indians have said that they preferred to head to the store where they bought their Smartphone to get it repaired or to learn how to use it. The common Smartphone complaints that they face are software problems, damage to display screen and fault in batteries that come with the phone.

22% of the Indians feel that the devices are not fixed properly during the first time of repair and China offers the best first time repair services with incorrect repairs standing at just 8%. 24% of the Indians feel that they need customer service support to use their Smartphones once a month and about 39% of the Indian Smartphone users do not even know where they can get help from if they need customer support.

Brazilians are the world leaders when it comes to usage of Smartphones as they stand at 63% and India, with 42%, stands a close second to Brazil as far as Smartphone usage is concerned. Indians spend about three hours a day on their Smartphone. 25% of the Indian women spend more than 5 hours on their Smartphone every day.

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