Published On: Wed, Oct 14th, 2015

8 best acne treatment solution and tips

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Skin is a precious part of your beauty. Lesions, acne scars, blackheads, and uneven skin tone, not only affects your physical appearance but also makes you conscious. You cannot completely avoid these pimple scars but can always opt for an effective acne treatment solution to remove them. Take a look at some of the effective methods to avoid and get rid of pimple marks.


Substances like hyaluronic acid or fat can be used as an acne treatment solution to fill out those scars that have resulted in a depressed appearance of the skin. As these fillers get absorbed into your skin, you may have to repeat the procedure regularly. The frequency of repeating it depends on the type of product used for filling.

Don’t pick or squeeze

Scars that are made of collagen are your body’s way of repairing itself. Acne scars are intended because of collagen loss from intense inflammation. Though you may be tempted to pick a zit or pod, you must avoid doing it as it could cause scarring. Picking leads to inflammation and injury of your skin, which adds to discoloration and blemishes. Trying to pop a pimple causes pus and bacteria to filter deeper into the skin, thus causing collagen damage.

Avoid the use of vitamin E

If you have heard that using vitamin E heals scars faster, you heard it wrong. According to a recent study conducted by the University of Miami, it was found that applying this nutrient directly to a scar can affect its healing process. These days, even the best acne treatment solution productsare avoiding the use of vitamin E.

Keep away from the sun

If you thought that staying in the sunlight could only tan your skin, think twice. Not only does it tan and lead to skin cancer, but also exposure to sunlight can darken the acne scars and slow down the healing process. Ultraviolet rays tend to stimulate the melanocytes causing discoloration.

Cortisone creams

If your scar is red and swollen, do not hesitate to use a cortisone cream. This topical medication is absorbed by the skin cells and calms the pores. Your acne scar treatment is incomplete without cortisone creams. Also, you don’t need a prescription to buy skin creams containing cortisone. Arbutin, Kojic Acid, and Vitamin are excellent alternative ingredients to look for in lightening creams.

A mild exfoliant

When you can’t help yourself from popping pimples and end up with a scar, you need to fight it when it’s fresh. Use a gentle exfoliant to get rid of the scarred cells. Look for the best acne solution products having ingredients such as ice extract, salicylic acid, or lactic acid. It will help skin cells heal quickly, bringing in fresh the new skin to the surface. Just make sure you do not use exfoliants excessively as they can backfire by irritating your skin, thus causing more pimples.

Prescribed Retinoids

When the scars are stubborn, and exfoliation does not help, fix an appointment with your dermatologist. Retinoids prescribed by the doctors serve as a beneficial acne scar treatment. It builds dermal collagen and improves scar’s appearance over time.


With new skin care techniques buzzing among dermatologists, micro needling works by gently rolling tiny needles over the skin to boost circulation and regenerate collagen. Ensure that your doctor is using sterile needles for this procedure.

With skin care technology advancing each day, getting rid of acne scars is a no big deal. Skin care experts have found various other methods can help you fight pimple scars. You can follow any of the above-given acne treatment solution, depending on your skin type.

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