Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

8 Innovative Products that Can Make Smart Gadgets Smarter

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With the addition of advanced technologies and features, many conventional devices have merited the prefixing of the word “smart” to their generic names. From smartphones to smart TVs, smart watches, smart lights, and even smart cars and homes, there many things that technology has “smartified” for consumers. Yes, even the “boob tube” has been smartened up.

Still, there are ways to make these smart gadgets even smarter. You may want to consider getting the following to further enhance the capabilities of your smartphones, tablets, and other smart gadgets.

1. Botiful

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Ever wished there was a way for you to take control of your perspective whenever you are video chatting with someone through a mobile device? Well, Botiful was created just for that. It’s a small device on which a smartphone or phablet can be mounted to allow the person on the other end of a video conversation to take control over where the front-facing camera can be aimed at. It has wheels to allow it to travel on a flat surface, a table usually, as well as a mechanism that allows the mounted phone to be turned up, down, to the right, or to the left. This way, the person you are video-talking with can decide at which direction to look at and even move around. It also comes with sensors that prevent it from falling off the edges of a table.

2. Sensordrone

Modern smartphones already carry loads of sensors. In addition to the camera and ambient light sensors, many already have fingerprint sensors, thermometers, heart rate sensors, barometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and proximity sensors. The most recent iPhone even comes with a display that can sense different levels of pressure. Still, there are more that can be added, just like what the Sensordrone can offer. Sensordrone enhances a smartphone by providing the ability to evaluate air quality, detect gas leaks, measure humidity, and monitor liquid levels.

3. Deeper

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Deeper is intended for those who love fishing. It is basically a sonar device to be used in tandem with a smartphone or tablet. What it does is to detect the movement of fish and other living organisms underwater, within a 50-meter radius. Deeper can determine the location of fish and measure water temperature, depth, and bottom contour. It is a useful tool not only for those who love pole fishing but also for those who want to fish using fishing nets. It would be better, though, if you use it with a water resistant smartphone like the Xperia Z series from Sony or the Galaxy Active lineup of Samsung.

4. iPhly

Universal remote controls are not really universal. They are basically limited to controlling appliances only. If you need something that can come close to being universal, consider getting iPhly. This iPhone attachment can consolidate almost all of your remote controls on your iPhone. It can convert your iPhone into a remote control for your RC toy cars or airplanes, TV, air-conditioner, garage door opener, and other appliances and devices.

5. Linkio

Linkio is a smartphone partner device that can enable partial home automation. Basically, it allows you to link any electronic device in your home to your smartphone. It allows you to remotely control these devices. With it, you can turn the lights on or off or turn off the AC if you forgot to do it or turn it on when you are about to arrive home. Linkio is sold as a set composed of a hub, remote control, plugs, and switches. A development kit may also be purchased. All these components promise to convert existing electronic devices into smart devices, affordably at that.

6. Gecko

A diminutive device, Gecko is a smartphone or tablet companion that can serve as a key and phone finder, parked car finder, or a lost item finder in general. It is regarded as a small step for the Internet of Things. Additionally, it can be used to create personal alerts or reminders like when you need to take your medicine. Gecko can also be used to take photos from a far, acting as a camera trigger.

7. Intel Compute Stick

Smart TVs can do many things. However, they still cannot compare to what a real personal computer can do. With the tiny Intel Compute Stick, you can convert a TV, even a non-smart model as long as it has an HDMI port, into a full-fledged personal computer. This minute product is a powerful device that packs a quad-core Intel Atom processor, Intel HD graphics card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a USB 2.0 port, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage memory. The memory can be expanded through a micro SD card slot. Intel Compute Stick is intended for both entertainment and productivity purposes. Two versions of this device are available: one running Windows 10 and another running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

8. Romo

Romo is a toy meant to be used with a smartphone. Despite being a toy, it makes a smartphone smarter by facilitating the learning of programming and robotics. It does not act as a programming or robotics tutor, though. What it does is to provide a creative platform for those who are interested in learning and immediately implementing the concepts of programming and robotics. The device packs a 2000 mAh battery that sustains around two hours of continuous use.

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