Published On: Fri, Sep 26th, 2014

A Large Area of Alaska Gets Hit by a Strong Earthquake

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On Thursday, September 25, 2014, a large area of Alaska was hit by a strong earthquake. Due to its strength, the earthquake forced people to take cover as it knocked lots of things off their shelves. Nevertheless, it was quite a relief that no one seemed to have suffered from any major injuries or damages. It was, however, reported that the earthquake hit a large portion of Alaska with a magnitude of 6.2 Richter scale and it took place at 9:51 a.m. local time.


The earthquake that hit Alaska very recently had its epicenter located at approximately eighty miles to the northwest of the largest city in the state, as per the report released by the Alaska Earthquake Center. In a number of areas that suffered from the earthquake, the natural disaster could be felt lasting for around one minute. A center research technician, Sara Meyer, reported that the center of the earthquake was situated approximately two hundred and fifty miles to the northeast of the earthquake epicenter, at the Fairbanks. However, according to Meyer, even the people there, who were literally far from the epicenter, could also feel the shaking caused by the earthquake. Meyer described it as the kind of feeling people may have when they are sailing on a boat, shaking rapidly for about fifteen seconds.

The feeling of shaking, which was caused by the earthquake, could also be felt by the people who were working at the Nesbett Courthouse located at the downtown Anchorage. The worst effect, however, was felt by those working at the highest level of the building, on the sixth floor. As pointed out by Ellen Bozzini, a judicial assistant working in the building, even her computer towel went off her desk. Taking into account the strength of the earthquake, everyone in the office quickly rushed in line to the doorways until the moment evacuation was ordered. Everyone then headed outside of the office using stairs and they chose to wait for at least twenty minutes before getting back into the building.

Fortunately, based on a recently released report from the US Geological Survey since the center of the earthquake was close to sixty three miles deep underground, its effect was softened and that no tsunami was to be expected. This also seems to be the reason why people have not been reporting about major damages, including infrastructural damages. Yet, according to Bryan Fisher, whose role is an incident commander at the emergency operations center in the state, a number of people actually report about things flying off their shelves.

As a safety measure following the pretty strong earthquake, the Alaska Railroad company has also decided to temporarily suspend operations of all trains. The company feels necessary to check for any possible damages to the train bridges or tracks as a result of the strong effect of the earthquake.

Jill Warburton, a sales clerk at the Gold and Diamond Co., a company based in Anchorage, reported that she was doing some shopping at a department store when she suddenly realized that there was an earthquake. Things at the store also fell off the shelves but they did not seem like they were damaged. She claimed that this earthquake that recently hit Alaska was actually nothing compared to the one she went through back in the year 1964.

In spite of the fact that the strong earthquake did not cause any major injuries or damages, both to the people and the infrastructure in Alaska, it did, however, disturb a US news conference which was being attended by Dan Sullivan, a candidate for the US Senate. During the earthquake, Sullivan was actually being handed over formal support by the Chamber of Commerce of the US. The event took place in the city of Anchorage, at the office of Beacon Occupational Health and Safety Services. A spokesperson for Sullivan’s campaign reported that the senate candidate described the earthquake as an ‘earth-shaking endorsement’.

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