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A man who walked into active volcano

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As unbelievable as it may sound, this man has walked right into the side of the crater of an active volcano. For what he has done, the man has now become the hype all over the World Wide Web, with his video having become viral. In order to record the moment he walked into the crater of the active volcano, George Kourounis, the man in question, took advantage of a GoPro camera. Thanks to the camera and the video it has recorded, people from all over the globe can now witness the moments when George Kourounis tried to walk as closely as humanly possible towards the lake of boiling lava inside the volcano.

George Kourounis & Sam Cossman

George Kourounis actually went up the volcano together with a friend of his, Sam Cossman. The volcano these two men climbed turned out to be the Marum Volcano. The state of the volcano is, as mentioned earlier, active and it is situated at the island of Ambrym, Vanuatu, somewhere at the southern part of the Pacific Coast.


In order to reach the crater of the active volcano in question, George Kourounis had to go down no less than 1,200 feet, or equivalent to around four hundred meters, after climbing up to the top of the volcano. Needless to say, without any protective gears at all, there are no men in this world that could have survived the boiling lava commonly found inside a volcano. With that being said, George Kourounis had, fortunately, made up his mind that he was supposed to put on some protective gears of sorts as well.


Before heading down into the crater of the Marum Volcano at the Pacific Coast, George Kourounis put on a heat protection suit. To tell the truth, his suit was very helpful in making it even possible at all for him to get very close to the lake of lava inside the active volcano. However, the man’s trip into the volcano crater was not one without obstacles. As George Kourounis later unveiled, the Marum Volcano seemed to fight back against him and his friend. As a result, both those men were forced to face a very terrible weather. In addition to the terrible weather, both the men even had to deal with the lava of the volcano, which was incredibly hot, especially taking into consideration their very close distance to the lava. According to George Kourounis, it was even necessary for the men to climb up and down a rock surface that was very loose and even very nearly at a vertical position. They had to climb that rock surface up and down for as far as four hundred meters, give or take.

As if all those obstacles were not enough, the volcano even threw very strong acid rain onto the men. George Kourounis described that it seemed as if the acid rain had come from the battery of a car. Yet, all those obstacles were not the only things that George Kourounis and his friend had to deal with. As the man put it, there were still loads of other crazy stuffs involved.

According to the claim made by George Kourounis, in this world, there are no more than five spots on this Planet Earth where people can possibly find lava lakes that are boiling persistently. Among the five spots, the Marum Volcano is one pretty good example to go for. George Kourounis even goes as far as to describe his experience of going down the crater of the volcano in question feels as if he was actually climbing the Mount Everest, only this time upside down.

The ferocious lava even caused one part of George’s GoPro cameras, a camera specially made for such actions, to melt down. In addition to that, there is now a hole in the protective suit worn by George during his act. According to the man, the hole comes as a result of small glowing lava chunks splashing onto him while he was standing near the lava lake inside the Marum Volcano.

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