Published On: Thu, May 31st, 2018

Activities Tips for Holidays

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Participate in a Cookie Bake

Many community education departments offer bake and take cookie classes for both adults and children at a reasonable cost. Or, set aside a day to make multiple varieties of cookies, bars, and other sweets at home. Afterward, invite friends over to enjoy the treats.

Activities Tips for Holidays

Make a Scavenger Hunt

Kids especially like scavenger hunts, but adults can also have fun creating and participating in them. Put a holiday spin on the clues and prizes, and take turns making the hunts. Hide clues inside or outside—or both.

Go Hiking or Cross-Country Skiing

Going on a hike or trekking through the woods on cross-country skis is invigorating exercise and a quick fix for holiday boredom. Check the local parks and recreation department for reasonable ski rentals. Throw on a backpack filled with food and water, and make a day of it.

Visit Museums

The holidays are a good time to take in local culture. Many museums offer free admission and have interesting exhibits on display during winter breaks. Art and science museums cater to all ages, as do history centers.


Volunteering is a feel-good activity that can be especially rewarding during the time of giving. Women’s shelters, libraries, nursing homes, and hospitals always appreciate free help. Or, gather people together to clean up garbage and debris in the neighborhood. Then order pizzas and celebrate a job well done.

Although the holidays can get long for some families and individuals, boredom can easily be cured with any of these activities. Pick a few or try them all, and make this holiday season the most fun yet.

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