Published On: Thu, Apr 2nd, 2015

ADC of Gurgaon inaugurated water ATM: Rs 6 will give 20 litres of drinking water to the villagers

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DLF Foundation takes a step ahead for a ‘Swachh’ & ‘Swasth’ Bharat


2nd April , 2015  

Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon inaugurated a Water Purification Unit at Hasanpur Village along with a Solid Waste Management Unit in Darbaripur Village. As a part improving sanitation conditions in the rural areas of Gurgaon, DLF Foundation has installed a Water Purification Unit in village Hassanpur, Gurgaon. The Water Purification Unit will provide RO filtered clean water to the villagers for a small charge of Rs.6 per 20 litres. The Water Purification Unit will provide water at 30 paise per litre and it also has a facility of home delivery of water at 50 paisa per litre.  The Water Purification Unit is a decentralized water treatment plant that extracts the ground water which then is purified through reverse osmosis system and provided to people.  Along with the Water Purification Unit, a solid waste management unit was also inaugurated at Darbaripur Village. This unit has been set up under DLF Foundation’s Self-Sustainable waste management Model:“Kachre se Kamai” (Income from Waste) initiative.


Speaking on the occasion  Shri. Vinay Pratap Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon said “The Water Purification Unit and the Solid Waste Management Unit is very good example of sustainable and self sufficient model. This is not only going to benefit the health and hygiene of the villagers but will also provide them employment opportunities”.


It was identified that the waste management and sanitation was a big problem in the rural areas of Gurgaon and nearby places. DLF foundation has implemented a waste management programme named ‘KACHRA SE KAMAI’ (Income from Waste) in Hassanpur, Fatehpur, Kakrola including Dabaripur village which was launched today. Water Purification Unit is installed in Hassanpur Village and soon these ATMs will be installed in other villages as well. Besides the betterment of sanitation, it is linked to income generation of the particular areas. The Main aim of this programme is to create infrastructure facilities for collection, segregation and disposal of solid waste. Secondly, to inculcate behavioral change of the community towards solid waste management. Besides that, their aim is to facilitate employment generation among youths and inculcate the community ownership under the village panchayat. These projects are implemented in phases to ensure sustainability and developing a self-sufficient model. A participatory working approach is used to carry out the project which effectively contributes to the longevity of project and leads to waste reduction in the area.

Rambir Singh, Sarpanch of Darbaripur Village, said “We saw DLF Foundation’s Kachre se Kamai program going on in our nearby villages. The program was running successfully in the other villages and therefore we also approached DLF foundation to initiate the same in our village as well. We are very happy now because Kachre se Kamai will start in our village also. ”


Bhanwar Singh, Sarpanch, Hassanpur Village, said “Once it was difficult to get water, forget about clean water to drink. Now after the installation of this Water Purification Unit things will change. We will be able to have clean water at any time for my family”.


The Water Purification Unit and solid waste management unit has been launched under the flagship initiative of DLF Foundation ‘Village Cluster Development’. The program considers a cluster of villages as a unit of development. Depending on size of the population and geographical spread, a cluster comprises of 3-5 villages for integrated intervention. DLF foundation has identified quality of life indicators through community consultations and need assessment in all the clusters.

Speaking on the occasion, Ritesh Sinha, Director Program (Village Cluster Development) DLF Foundation said, “We are very contended with the overwhelming response from the villages. I thank the Sarpanch and the Panchayat people for their support. This has boosted our morale and we plan to take this initiative further and reach out to as many villages as possible.”


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