Published On: Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

Apples don’t just keep the doctor away!

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Ordered for a fruit basket delivery as a gift for a loved one or have you got a whole bushel of apples for yourself? They sure can be a big load of fruits that you don’t know how to finish because not everyone loves apples! But worry not – this article is going to give you some innovative ways in which you can use the apples!

  • Apple and peanut butter is a great combination that we bet most of you wouldn’t have ever tried. Why don’t you give it a shot? Cut your apples into medium slices and add a thick layer of peanut butter in between them. Enjoy your sweet and crisp sandwich!
  • Take a whole apple and remove just its core without making any changes to the rest of the apple’s body. Slice the hollowed apple and you’ve got yourself some interesting tree decorations!
  • Did you know that certain packers, traders and manufacturers use halved apples as stamps! Yes! Just like potatoes, apples to make for great stamping rubbers. Use these stamps for regular business or just for fun!
  • Some of the chemicals emanated by an apple are known to make changes in a living organism’s physiology. So much so that they cause hormonal changes too! An interesting way to make use of this feature of apples is by placing one big apple in a bag of raw bananas or other fruits and watch how quickly they ripen!
  • All you beauty conscious people – Eating apples is known to be a very healthy habit to develop for longevity and great skin but you could use it as a face mask! Take an apple, remove its core and peel and grate it. Apply the shavings to your face and after 15 minutes, you will see a visible glow in your face.
  • Dessert lovers and going to love this use for sure! You know how you hate eating those desserts that are just not soft or moist enough? Well, the next time, prevent your delicacies from shrivelling. Just place half an apple in a box containing the desserts and you will find that they remain fresh and soft for a much longer time.
  • We all know that apples are crispy fruits, don’t we? But we also know that these fruits have a good shelf life. So refrigerated apples last for a long time. You could try having something apart from fresh apples – you could dry them and have them or make chips out of the dried apple slices.
  • Light up your house with apples! Those apples which appear to have a worm in them or have become rotten in certain parts can be used for this tip. Fill hollowed apples with wax and convert them into floating candles for short-term purposes.

It is so hard to throw away shiny red apples that you couldn’t have after they have rotted. Instead, you could use the old ones or the slightly damaged ones for one of these innovative reasons!

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