Published On: Mon, Feb 9th, 2015

Apple’s Health Kit Getting Trialed by Leading Hospitals

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The leading hospitals are trying out the health kit technology from Apple to check whether this kit will be able to monitor the patients remotely so that the medical costs can be cut down.

According to Reuters, 14 hospitals among the 23 they questioned launched the program of health kit or are considering the possibilities of using the pilot program. The program will be considered successful, if the doctors will be able to monitor patients who are suffering from  chronic ailments like hypertension, diabetes etc or if the program could recognize the people with early signs of any medical problem so that they can get timely medical intervention.

Apple’s Health Kit Getting Trialed by Leading Hospitals

This monitoring would help the hospital to avoid any repeat admissions and to save the money they have to pay as penalties to the government.

The health kit from apple was launched last year and it comes with a framework which allows the developers to create programs that help the hospitals to gather and share the medical information regarding the users.

Any data collected by third party applications can be sent to the hospitals or doctors via the apple health kit.

Samsung and Google have already released such apps which offer similar services, but they are now in the testing stage. This means Apple is well ahead compared to the competitors. Some of the hospitals are trying to test the goggle fit app as most of the smartphones are android.

The Apple health kit is at present available only for iPhone. Soon the app will also be available for the apple watch users. You can wear the Apple Watch all the time, so the health app monitors your health continuously and give indications of any particular medical condition.

Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans is using the technology to monitor their high blood pressure patients with the help of Epic Systems, the provider of health care software.

Chief clinical transformation officer Dr. Richard Milani is of opinion that having more data, such as daily weights could have been better, so that they could be informed about the chances of hospitalization.

There are certain challenges in implementing the kit. There could be so much of medical data the doctors have to go through and this may not be worth the investment and effort. Moreover, each brand is using unique products and services and it will be hard for medical providers use different technology.

The security of exchanged medical data will be a cause of concern as hackers can expose the personal data.

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