Published On: Fri, Jun 24th, 2016

Autonomous Car Survey: Sacrificing 1 Passenger Life Better In Saving 10 Pedestrians’ Lives

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The self-driving car may sacrifice your life to save the lives of ten other people. Would you be driving such vehicle?

In a new survey it is found people want the automated vehicle to be such programmed to save most lives instead of one or two, the passengers.

The findings have been published in the Science journal and it says 76 percent of the surveyed people felt it would be moral to sacrifice one life, the passenger, than to kill 10 pedestrians.

Autonomous Car Survey- Sacrificing 1 Passenger Life Better In Saving 10 Pedestrians' Lives

The research team surveyed a total of 1,928 participants for a period of six months.

The survey also found people are less likely to purchase the self-driving car. Many also express reluctance in accepting government regulation of such vehicles.

Co-author of the study said, “You can recognize the feeling; the feeling that I want other people to do something but it would be great not to do it myself.”

Jean-Francois further added while briefing during a teleconference there are numerous benefits of autonomous vehicles and include significantly eliminating the number of traffic accidents.

It is said the autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionize transportation and at the same time will eliminate the majority of deaths on the road.

Currently more than one million deaths due to road accidents occur annually across the world.

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