Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2013

Awareness againgst Swine Flu

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 Swine flu is type of fever which makes your body as the weakness and many people are affected by this fever.  To overcome form this fever they have formed a group and start working in the village and the city side.  This fever will lead to end your life, if you are not taking any treatment in the starting itself. On Saturday the women and man has the H1N1 positive and this was found by the Kalasih hospital. This man has critical position. At the same time, one case of swine flu will be detected by the Max hospital and they have 62 hospitals to overcome from the swine flu.   On Saturday there is  man has affected by the  swine flu  and admitted in the  civil hospital and  five more  person has the  H1N1 positive  symptoms which  easy to identify the person has the  swine flu. The 37 year old people died in the hospital itself, so you have to take the treatment incorrect time which will easy to avoid meeting the doctors.   His blood was taken to test lab at last they find that the person has the swine flu in the report. At the same time the Faridabad two new people are admitted in the hospital for the treatment and they also have the swine flu. The virus will cross up to 37 districts    and youth one died on last Saturday. So you have to take care of your health to protect from the swine flu diseases

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