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Balance Board Fitness

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A balance board (also called a wobble board) is a tool used to improve strength, coordination, and balance. It is also used to aid in improving posture and the range of motion of critical joints like the ankles, knees, and hips. Balance boards are gaining in popularity because it is a fun way to exercise, increases the strength of the core muscle groups (abs and lower back), and has been introduced to the Wii video game console for use with many fitness games.

What is a Balance Board

The concept of a balance board is quite simple. It basically is a flat surface that is atop a roller or ball. It can either be round or rectangular. The flat surface is the foot platform. Examples can be viewed at this balance board review site.

By standing on the foot platform, without allowing this surface to touch the ground, the body is forced to continually adjust itself by shifting weight. Doing this utilizes multiple muscle groups while training the brain to be efficient when performing these movements.

Benefits of Using A Balance Board For Fitness

There are numerous benefits to using a balance board. Some of the major benefits include:

Strengthens the core muscle groups of the midsection.
Add additional challenge to other exercises, like lifting weights.
Enhances balance and coordination
Helps with issues from old age like balance, joint movement, and core strength.
Helps to avoid sports injuries.

Balance Board Exercises

Balance Board Fitness

There are many different exercises that can be performed with a balance board. Here is a sample of the different exercises:

No-motion, keep balance: This exercise only requires that someone stand on the balance board without movement for a certain period of time. The goal should be to keep the board parallel to the ground. This exercise improves balance and increases the strength of core muscle groups.
Back and forth motion, keep balance: Slowly rock front to back without losing balance. This exercise strengthens calf muscles, as well as core muscle groups, while increasing balance.
Squats: Once the above exercises have been mastered, more advanced exercises can be attempted. Performing squats on the balance board is an example of a resistance exercise that can be attempted.
Push-ups: Challenge can be added to traditional push-ups by performing the push-ups on a balance board. Place the hands where the feet would typically go and perform push-ups while keeping the platform from touching the floor.
There are many more exercises that can be done for balance board fitness. Examples of these types of exercises can be seen from Balance Board Exercises.

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