Published On: Thu, May 18th, 2017


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Gurgaon, 18th May 2017, Oh! Hot summer starts. Were exams over? Where to deserve fun and relaxation for vacation? The summer fun often comes with summer fouls which rapidly increase the risk of dehydration.

“One sip of Nukkadwala’s Meerut shikanji took me back to our childhood nostalgia when I would drink shikanji at home after playing under the sun for whole day. The next we tried was the Mango and Saffron Lassi. It was made of fresh mangoes which is not a mix up of readymade pulp. And the taste of saffron kicked in at the end,” said Ambica food blogger during her visit to Nukkadwala.

Aam Panna & Phalsa-Sharbat

An eminent real-estate giant Vatika Group’s Nukkadwala™ represents the India’s newest chain of smart QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) for the value conscious.Thebrand promise to provide pleasing service experience with authentic flavors that encompasses warmth offering for their customers.

The waves of cool refreshments are follows: Nukadwala launched the toothsome unique Phalsa Sharbat which provides a much-needed cooling effect; Aam Panna to experience the taste of ‘Kachaa aam’; Shikanji flavored in pinky Strawberry named ‘Lovely’ and icy bluish named ‘Shambhu’.

It doesn’t stop here Lassis served with various flavors like Pappaya, Pineapple, Mango and Saffron; Traditional beverages such as Nimbu pani, Masala chaas and Cold coffee.

They are inspired by more than five million street food vendors who peddle every day to ensure that Indians eat their way through the streets. They invested in food experts who travelled around the country and shortlisted 40 dishes out of 400.

Nukkadwala furnishes both goodies of the Premium restaurants which have lot of varieties with Standardized Hygiene and the Street Vendors which have ease of availability and are pocket friendly. They prompt for ancient Indian cuisines which widely are accepted as one of the most broad-ranging and interesting cuisines worldwide.

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