Published On: Wed, Apr 1st, 2020

Best Female Tattoo Designs – Tattoo Images For Women 2020

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It is a going trend that only men are then ones that get tattoos, but it is incorrect to think that women or girls do not get or want tattoos. As per a new study, as per the opinion, 85% of the total US population thinks that men only get tattoos and not women. On the opposite side though, there are over 59% of the females in the total population of tattooed people.

These days the thinking and the society are thriving and girls are getting to do and represent everything men do. It is a great idea for females to get a tattoo and not just because many other women get it but because it is great of showcasing your personality and proving that you can do whatever you feel like. More like you are independent and are not bound by the laws of society and stereotyping.

So, here we have accumulated perfect tattoo designs that are most popular among females and you can totally cop one yourself. Do not hesitate to look for a custom tattoo though, they are sick too. There is no specific color design and style that are more suitable for female tattoos, you can choose whatever is your favorite and suits you the most.

Let’s now check out the tattoo design for females

Ghost Design

ghost tattoo

As the name suggests the tattoo has a ghost figure. Comparing to other types of tattoos in this list, this is a comparatively small-sized tattoo which has gained popularity in the recent years.

Lotus Design

back lotus tattoo

Just like the above tattoo this tattoo name also suggests the actual design of the tattoo. There is a lotus design in this tattoo and it is great for back tattoos or belly tattoos. Lotus represents Purity and divine beauty, and that is something every female can connect with, so this can be a great choice for you as well.

Bow and Arrow

bow and arrow tattoo

This is more like a unisex tattoo design as men and women both can have this tattoo. These can be adapted in dozens of ways to match your own personality



A Lion tattoo has been in fashion for a very long time, probably from the beginning of time. A lion represents bravery, domination, royalty among other things. Lion also represents a zodiac sign Leo so if you are born between 21st July and 22nd August so can totally get this trendy looking tattoo.



This tattoo is actually really cool and this represents the passage of time as the moon shown the tattoo is half-moon,, then full and then back to again.

Bunny Moon


Cartoon figures are very popular and they are very good and pretty looking and nostalgic.

Rabbit tattoo


If you love rabbit and want to show off your love to the world then this the right choice for you. In the following picture the maker has used a black ink and done a great work.

Other Tattoo Designs For Female



compass tattoo



Finger Tattoos

finger tattoo for girls

Ear Bunny




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