Published On: Fri, Jun 1st, 2018

Best Ways to Cure Holiday Boredom

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Organize a Game Day

Set aside a day or two for a game marathon. Gather together family or friends, and pull out the board games, a deck of cards, and the Ping-Pong table. Set up teams and keep a scoreboard for the winners of each game. Be sure to include lunch and snacks throughout the day — eating is half the fun.

Best Ways to Cure Holiday Boredom

Take a Mini-trip

Affordable one- or two-night packages at resorts and hotels are often available during the holidays. Pick a drivable place to visit and enjoy a quick getaway. Even just spending the night at a local hotel with a pool or water park can be enough to cure holiday boredom.

Start a Family Project

What better time than during the holidays to start work on a family history book, a family cookbook, or a family tree? Since families usually congregate at this time of year, gathering information shouldn’t be too difficult. Even better, everyone in the family, even friends, can get involved.

Take a Tour of Lights

Grab a thermos of hot chocolate, get in the car, and take a tour of the holiday lights in the vicinity. This could be a nightly activity, since there are likely many neighbors to visit. Travel to downtown areas, too, to see their light displays or watch a parade of lights.

See a Double Feature

Check the local movie theaters for discount matinees, and enjoy a couple of shows. Renting movies for viewing at home is another option that will cure boredom just as easily. Plus the movie rental selection is wider, and the popcorn at home is cheaper.

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