Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

BJP believes in integration, Congress divisive in nature: Narendra Modi

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  • Modi thanks the people gathered for his rally, says will bring a change with the Mantra of development.
  • Modi attacks Salman Khurshid, says one of the Union Ministers from Uttar Pradesh faced corruption charge of 70 lakhs, but when another UP minister was asked about it, he said 70 lakh is not possible, it may be 70 crores
  • Congress feels corruption is a part of politics and its leaders are not worried about the menace, says Modi
  • BJP only follows development agenda and not casteism, communalism or dynasty politics – Modi
  • Modi says BJP is driven by principles of nationalism and integration and want to unite the people.
  • SP and BSP are competing on vote bank politics. It is due to sins of Congress that SP and BSP have emerged – Modi
  • Even other parties like SP and BSP started following Congress’s vote bank politics, says Modi
  • Modi accuses Congress of playing votebank politics, terms it a divisive party by nature.
  • Modi attacks the Congress, says the ruling party has no interest in the development of the nation.
  • Modi attacks Akhilesh Yadav-led government in UP, says those sitting in Lucknow do not know what the people want. That is the reason people of Agra don’t get water.
  • Despite located near Yamuna river, Agra doesn’t get clean drinking water – Modi
  • Taj Mahal is a famous tourist destination. Çan’t the government build a airport in Agra, asks Modi
  • The people at the Centre can’t take decisions, they do not know what should be the priority, says Modi
  • It is said that tourism business will cross 3 trillion dollars. But, will Agra gain from this – Modi asks the crowd. People rely with a Big NO
  • Agra is a historic land and famous place for tourist destination – Modi
  • Addressing the rally, Modi apologises to the crowd for reaching late to the venue.
  • Today Agra has broken all records – Modi on the huge gathering assembled.
  • Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed the “Vijay Shankhnaad” rally in Agra, Uttar Pradesh amidst tight security.
  • Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Thursday addressed the “Vijay Shankhnaad” rally in Agra, Uttar Pradesh amidst tight security.

    Elaborate security arrangements have been put in place for the Gujarat Chief Minister. National Security Guard commandos, Special Task Force personnel from Gujarat and more than 1,000 UP policemen have turned the Kothi Meena Bazar ground into a fortress.

    While metal detectors were installed at the entrance gates, parking slots were earmarked several kilometres away from the venue.

    Security forces have been facing a daunting task to guard the BJP’s PM candidate, who is considered to be on the hit list of terror outfit Indian Mujahideen. A series of small bombs killed six people at a rally the Gujarat Chief Minister held in the city of Patna on October 27.

    An elite team protecting Modi has been ordered to secure all public meetings using the same tactics of the Special Protection Group that guards former and serving prime ministers and their families along the lines of the US Secret Service.

    Modi’s now has three layers of protection: one group to take on any attackers, a second to provide cover and a third to get him to safety.

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