Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

BJP-Led NDA To Make Government In Bihar: Chanakya Exit Poll

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If believed to the News24-Today’s Chanakya exit poll, BJP-led NDA will be forming the next government in Bihar after November 8 when the votes will be counted and results will be officially announced.

News24-Today’s Chanakya

Exit poll data of Chanakya says the Narendra Modi team will manage to bag 155 seats where as the Grand Alliance (JDU+) to be limited to only 83 seats.

BJP-Led NDA To Make Government In Bihar- Chanakya Exit Poll

Chanakya adds 51 percent of voters in the state are looking for a change in the government where as 31 percent says they were satisfied with the work of Nitish Kumar as chief minister.

The NDA may by +/-11 and JDU+ to be +/-9.

India TV C-Voter

The India TV C-Voter has put the JDU+ on the winning seat and to form the next government in Bihar. The alliance may win between 112 and 132 seats and BJP+ may bag between 101 and 121 seats.

India Today Cicero Poll

The India Today Cicero Poll is in tune with the Chanakya data revealing BJP+ may win seats between 113 and 127 where as the JDU+ to get between 111 and 123 seats.

Times Now C-Voter

Times Now C-Voter is talking different from Chanakya and Cicero. It says Nitish Kumar may form the government again with 122 seats and BJP+ to bag 111 seats.

ABP Nielson

Similarly the ABP Nielson too believes Nitish Kumar may form the new government with 130 seats and BJP+ is to be limited to about 108 seats.

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