Published On: Mon, Dec 15th, 2014

BPG- The New Image Format That Could Replace JPEG

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JPEG is one of the most popular image oriented tool used by millions and millions of users on the internet everyday. It has been in existence for the past 20 years and it still dominates the web. It is a hard nut to replace and it is not like people have not tried to replace this tool, but they somehow cannot do away with this file format like ZIP or MP3 format.

BPG- The New Image Format That Could Replace JPEG

Even though there are a few misgivings that users have about JPEGs or GIFs, they tend to use it every time and it also works perfectly in every type of computer. Google tried to replace JPEG with its WebP format, but it has not been able to gain support outside of Google’s products and services. Mozilla also came out with mozjpeg which reduced the file size by about 10% by maintaining the JPEG compatibility.

Now, there is the all new Better Portable Graphics (BPG) that came out from the creator of FFMPEG and QEMU, Fabrice Bellard. The BPG offers the same quality of image like JPEG, but half the file size than JPEG. The BPG image uses a new code, x265, and takes out a single frame out of an x265 or H.265 video stream. BPG offers you 14 bits per color channel, whereas JPEG only offers you 8 bits. There is nothing lost when using BPG.

The BPG compares really far better than JPEG and WebP and the difference in the image quality will be more pronounced when you check the quality of smaller images. BPG is not just suited for mobile phone users; it equally works well for newer cameras and displays. But, BPG is also another file format or codec just like JPEG, GIF and others and does not have any native support anywhere. Rendering a BPG file at present is only possible through a BPG decoder that is written in JavaScript. Browser makers and software developers can use the BPG library to build it into their apps and the mass integration of BPG might take a few months or even years.

Any device that is based on H.265 or HEVC will also be able to easily decoder BPGs in hardware. This is a very good option as popular advanced compression methods require more computation and enough power to decode. This is not suited for mobile devices. There is no  doubt that hardware decoded will be better than JPEG, but will it be able to replace JPEG, only  time will tell.

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