Published On: Tue, Jul 10th, 2018

Brief Explanation for some Origins of the Sepoy Mutiny in India

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-the existence of secret committees in all Indian regiments which co-ordinated the uprising;
-disaffection in the native troops, particularly the Bengal army due to low pay, poor housing and uncomfortable uniforms; a lack of European regiments to bolster the native regiments and also a lack of experienced British officers in regiments, due to secondment which led to a deterioration in the relationship with the troops;
-the “gradual erosion of a commanding officer’s power” is also cited together with the abolition of corporal punishment, both of which led to increasing laxity in the troops;
-the Oudh annexation alienated many of the Bengal sepoys who originated from this area;
-civilian conspirators to the rebellion included Prince Nana Sahib who managed to add a great many high level conspirators to the secret committees, particularly after the annexation of Oudh, and whose involvement predated the rebellion by about one year;
-and finally the bizarre circulation of chapattis throughout India from January 1957 which mimicked an earlier ‘secret message’ to citizens before the downfall of Maratha power.

Brief Explanation for some Origins of the Sepoy Mutiny in India

Indeed, if David’s analysis stands then the Sepoy Mutiny would certainly appear more as a war of independence organised by rebel Indian officers and Princes than a spontaneous uprising, with the constant interaction between the Indian regiments enabling the disaffection to spread easily. David’s principal reasons for the mutiny were both political – seeking to replace colonial rule, and financial, in that the Sepoys hoped for an increased wage under Princely command but also a return to the lucrative habit of plunder which used to be common in India due to the number of wars constantly taking place between Princes and states but had been banned by the British.

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