Published On: Thu, Apr 10th, 2014


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British Prime Minister David Cameron has for the first time said that
UK is open to having a Sikh as the head of its armed forces or as a
chief justice in its judiciary. Hosting a Baisakhi celebration at 10
Downing Street, Cameron heaped high praise on “the hard working” Sikh
community in UK and invited more from the community to enter British

Referring to the “hard work so many Sikhs now do in our parliament,”
Cameron said “Not enough – I’m proud that we have in Paul Uppal a
British Sikh on Conservative benches, Paul is here working hard, but
we shouldn’t rest until we see more British Sikhs on green benches and
red benches, until we see more British Sikhs at the top of every one
of our organisations – whether that is our army, or our judiciary –
not because we should believe in tokenism, but because we believe, I
believe, that we won’t access the talent of our country unless we
demonstrate that everyone from every background and faith can get to
the top of any organization that they choose and that is so important
for our country”

According to Cameron, British Sikhs “have been an absolute model in terms of integrating into our communities and playing a role in our communities; whether it is in our armed forces, whether it is serving in government, whether it is working in business, whether it is  representing us brilliantly on the cricket field, there’s hardly an area of natural life where British Sikhs haven’t made a huge impact”.

Cameron hosting the fourth Baisakhi party in 10 Downing Street also
recalled the recent floods that devastated parts of UK.

The Sikh vote bank will be a major factor in the next general election
in UK in 2015 . Britain’s 2011 census says UK is home to nearly 4.3
lakh Sikhs of which 4.2 lakh live in England alone. The community is
also very politically active.
Around 3 in 4 Sikhs have voted in different elections in the last 4
years. Around 2 in 3 voted in the 2010 general elections.

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