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Caribbean Shopping, Grenada island

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In the lush island of Grenada, shopping ranges from stylish hotel boutiques to street markets, malls and duty free outlets. Craft or jewellery, natural beauty products, spices or rum, the choice is wide, temptation difficult to resist but the ambience is relaxed and no one is in a hurry.

Visitors stroll around Grand Anse, St George’s market or Young Street or head for the duty free shops of Carenage harbour, on a par with Point Salines airport.

Caribbean Shopping, Natural Beauty Products and Jewellery

Tropical plants and spices abound on Grenada island, providing raw ingredients for natural beauty products. These include perfumes and spice scented soaps, body oils, wraps, balms and candles and incense to pamper body and mind. Arawak Islands sell hand made products in a range of local fragrance, lemon mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, cloves, oleander, orange and more.

Caribbean jewellery is the perfect complement to natural beauty. Top jewellers Colombian Emeralds International offer a variety of gemstones, such as sapphire, ruby and blue topaz alongside emeralds, diamonds and pearls. Shabbazz present original designs in sterling silver and gold, like their West Indian lily and Obama earrings. Tropical Magic Jewellery display ethnic bracelets and pendants decorated with seeds, shells and stones from the island.

Caribbean Craft and Batik

Best buys are leather goods, wood carvings, straw hats and baskets and if money is no object, hand painted ‘walkable’ carpets. There’s a thriving art community in Young Street where vivid Caribbean landscapes and other paintings can be bought from local artists. The Yellow Poui Art Gallery attracts knowledgeable visitors.

Batik fabric is light and easy to take home, priced according to quality and intricacy of design. Napkins, table cloths, shirts, scarves and beach wraps are widely available, in rich Caribbean colours often inspired by the island’s sunsets, jungle and sea. Screen printed textiles are also popular.

Caribbean Shopping, Grenada island

Grenada Island, Caribbean Spices and Rum

Few visitors leave the island without a selection of fresh local spices. Nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger are just a few which can be bought in gift packs, jars, cloth bags or bamboo containers. They last well when carefully stored and are sure to add an exotic touch to any dish. Also on sale is some of the island’s organic produce, ready to take home, for instance passion fruit jelly, delicious on pancakes, or nutmeg and guava jam.

The legendary Caribbean rum is made from sugar cane, flavoured with spices. Among the best in Grenada is River Antoine, still distilled in the original factory. Production is limited and quickly sold but it’s possible to taste and buy River Antoine during a guided factory tour. Other well known brands include Clarke’s Court and Westerhall and there are fruit wines, such as apple and mango.

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