Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2016

Christmas Time in the English Premier League is always Crucial

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In the English Premier League, the Christmas period is always feted as a vital period, as something of a watershed moment for many teams. The games come around every few days, and there are no distractions from international games or Champions League Football. For many teams, it is the make or break period; the start of a galvanising run of good results, or the time when they are cast adrift from the rest of the field.  For fans of the Premier League, the Christmas holidays represent a festival of football that could define their season.

The period – coming over the next couple of weeks – has taken on a mystique in the eyes of fans and pundits alike in recent years. There is a lot of excitement for the fixtures from fans, and even the punters, whose betting shops are often closed for the Holidays, know they can bet on football matches online and receive good odds over the Christmas period.

Top of the table Chelsea will be looking for history to repeat itself

Indeed, journalists and pundits love to pull out statistics around this time of year, using the Premier League table over the period as a barometer for the rest of the season. But the fact is, these statistics do matter. Take the fact that Chelsea is guaranteed to be top of the league over Christmas Day, something that always remains a point of interest in the UK.

Although this may seem arbitrary with 21 games remaining, consider also the fact that six out of the last seven teams to top the league on Christmas Day have gone on to become champions at the end of the season. Moreover, Chelsea has never failed to win the Premier League after being top on Christmas Day.

The same too applies for the bottom of the league. The media often points out – with a sense of doom mongering – that the team in last place on Christmas Day rarely avoids relegation at the end of the season. The facts too back this up; only three teams in the entire history of the EPL have avoided ‘the drop’ after being bottom on Christmas Day.

Too early to crown champions and dismiss the clubs at the bottom

So should we crown Chelsea champions now? Or wave goodbye to 20th placed Hull City? The answer is a resounding no. The Premier League is regarded as one of the most competitive football leagues in the world, with arguably the highest overall standard. A team’s fortunes can change overnight, and when they do change, special things can happen.

The last side to beat the drop after being bottom on Christmas Day was Leicester City in the 2014/2015 season. What happened after that? They went on a tremendous run that stretched right through that calendar year and into the next. Not only did they manage to avoid relegation, but they also became champions the very next season.

So should we pay heed to all the statistics or just enjoy one of the busiest periods of Premier League Football? The answer should be simple – just ask a Leicester City fan.

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