Published On: Fri, Sep 12th, 2014

Chuck E. Cheese isn’t the Only Birthday Party Option for Your Kids

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Chuck E. Cheese isn’t the Only Birthday Party Option for Your Kids . As an adult, birthdays get less and less exciting as you get older. But as a child, your birthday is one of the best days of the year.   Kids love celebrating their birthdays with parties. Unfortunately for most kids, though, parents often get lazy when it comes to planning a birthday party. Instead of thinking outside the box, parents focus solely on the birthday party locations they know, such as Chuck E. Cheese or the local YMCA.   If you’re guilty of doing this for your kids, stop. There are a variety of other birthday party options for your kids, and the following are a few great suggestions.   Bouncy House Parties Bouncy houses are the new crave for kids, but you no longer have to rent one, put it in your backyard, and hope for good weather. Today, any establishments are popping up that provide a variety of bouncy house options inside! Kangaroo Zoo puts a new bouncy spin on birthday parties by offering a variety of different bouncy houses and party rooms for children of any age. Like space? They have a party room decorated for the astronaut in your life. Like bold, bright colors? They have that too. Plus, there are a variety of different locations, so you and your child can have a great birthday experience that also gives them plenty of exercise too. Jump Zone is another popular chain that offers indoor bouncy houses with special party rooms.   Six Flags Great America Six Flags Great America can be a wonderful treat for your child’s birthday. If your child is old enough for roller coasters, they’ll certainly love the variety of options to choose from. And even if they’re younger, the kiddie section of the parks has rides and attractions specifically for the young ones. There’s also a variety of food options to keep your child filled with junk food and snacks throughout the day.   Horseback Riding If your child is an animal lover, going horseback riding can be a wonderful birthday experience. Some stables offer birthday party packages, so your child and his or her friends can not only enjoy cake and presents around horses and other farm animals, but can also go on their own private ride. Contact your local stable and see if they offer any birthday party packages that your child may enjoy.   Ice Skating Having a winter birthday can limit the activities your child does, but one great winter birthday party idea is taking your child ice skating. Many ice rinks offer party rooms and party packages that allow your child and his or her friends to enjoy treats and skate for a few hours. If you’re just looking for somewhere to skate, look for outdoor ice skating arenas in your area that provide the fun and ambiance of a winter skating birthday party. Just remember to stock up on the hot chocolate before you go.   Makeover Party Treat your little girl to a makeover party. Many salons offer party packages for little girls and her friends. These packages usually include a mani/pedi and a pretty updo hairstyle for each girl. This can be a relaxing and fun experience for your daughter and her friends. Just keep in mind that most salons don’t offer food and beverages, so this is something else you’ll have to supply on your own before or after the salon.

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