Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Convert PDF to Word Online: Native or Scanned PDF

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If you ever had to quickly edit a PDF file that you received from a colleague or a collaborator, you probably remember the entire experience as unpleasant. The reason this type of issue is so vexing for people who aren’t so savvy with technology is rather obvious, the fantastic and at the same time problematic PDF.

It is super-useful for sharing of files among individuals who operate different types of devices and computers who don’t have the same operating systems, and because of this other document type, formats are converted to PDF before sending. The Portable Document Format has an exceptional ability to be viewed on all devices and O.S., because it formats the document ideally, making it more than a unique on the modern market.

So in conclusion, if we really want to make sure that everyone will be able to perfectly see the file that we are sending, we’ll create a PDF version of it. That can be done from many different programs, most notably all MS Office, AutoCad, Publisher and so forth.

Now that the main positive attribute of the PDF has been elaborated on, we can move to the biggest lacking that this format has. Once the PDF is created from another document, it becomes a read-only file, and it cannot be changed and edited in any way. So if a person who received the document in question wants to make changes to it, he needs to transform the PDF back to the file it once was before the conversion (the file’s native format). That can be achieved either with pretty-expensive software, or with free online tools. The paid software can offer more complex conversion options, but for users who don’t require this type of operation regularly, online tools are a far better fit.

Today we’ll introduce a tool which can convert PDFs back to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the world’s most used all-around business programs. For demonstration purposes, we’ll focus on PDF to Word, but the other two formats function on the exact same principles.

PDF to Word Online by PDF Converter is fairly simple, with just a few basic steps to cover before you have your file converted and ready for re-use.


Selecting the file is the first thing needed to be done. This tool can convert classic digitally created files, and also scanned PDF files, using the sophisticated Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR). The size of the file is irrelevant, meaning it can be really massive, and this tool will have no problem handling it. Once you’ve chosen the file from the hard drive, you need to enter your email address, where the link to the file will appear when the process is complete.

pdf 2

The company itself is really trustworthy, so there is no need to be reluctant with your personal info, and all files that go through its servers are heavily guarded and deleted quickly after the conversion is over.

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The last remaining thing is to click on the Start button and convert-away! The time needed to complete the operation is usually just a couple of minutes, depending on the file’s size, and the number of people using the tool at that given time. Once the link to the file is in your inbox, you only have to download it, and make all the changes to the file you originally wanted to.

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