Published On: Fri, Mar 21st, 2014


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The Delhi High Court has upheld the death penalty awarded to the four accused in the December 16 Delhi gang rape case. The appeal by the accused for commutation of their sentences has also been dismissed by the court.

Four of the six men arrested for the heinous attack were found guilty of rape and murder by a fast-track court, one of the changes the student’s case has driven in India.

A fifth suspect hanged himself in jail in March last year; the sixth was 17 at the time of the attack and was sentenced to three years in a reform centre.

The Delhi High Court dismissed the appeal of the guilty. Convicts had challenged the death sentence. The lawyer said the guilty verdict against him Ktktaange Supreme Court.

A 23-year-old physiotherapy intern was gang raped, and brutally sexually assaulted by six men, including a juvenile, in a moving bus. The accused then threw her and her male companion out of the vehicle, stripped of clothing, to die by the roadside on the cold December night. The woman died of grave intestinal injuries Dec 29, 2012 at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital

After the student’s death and amid protests the government introduced new laws which make stalking, voyeurism and sexual harassment a crime, and provide for the death penalty for repeat offenders or for rape attacks that lead to the victim’s death.

The court referred the case to the high court for confirmation of the sentence.

The chargesheet was filed Jan 3 last year.

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