Published On: Mon, Nov 16th, 2015


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Chhath Pooja, the festival dedicated to the God of Sun celebrated with deep religious fervour across Bihar, Nepal, Jharkhand, parts of Uttar Pradesh and among Bihari migrants all over the country and abroad has taken an e turn with launch of Delhi start up portal

Chhath Pooja which is an integral part of life of people living in eastern parts of country requires lots of Pooja Samagri as more than hundred holy items are used during the fasting ritual devoted to God Surya, and his consort Usha, Chhathi Maiya. Arranging them is quiet difficult for particularly working couples as well as people living outside the region in places like Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and other parts of the country. These samagri are not available at Convenience stores., one stop solution is a novel endeavor to save Chhath Pooja devotees from inconvenience and providing them the option of arranging for the entire pooja samagri at doorstep at reasonable cost.

“More than 110 Samagri are required for the religious festival including Basket, Ashat (unbroken rice), Yellow Vermilion (peela Sandoor), Grind Rice, Ginger small plants and Red rice unbroken and Artik leaves. It’s difficult for couples living outside Bihar to procure them from one shop, seeing the difficulty, we have launched the start up portal” said Mr. Sudhakar Sharan, Founder & CEO of Radiant ecommerce the parent company behind the e-commerce platform, who himself is from Bihar and has been living in Delhi since last two decades .

One of the valuable customer Mr. Anoop Saxsena said “pratihar shasthi or chhath puja is celebrated on the sixth day after diwali in which we pay obeisance to God surya. For the past 20 years I have been living in gurgaon and I have faced lot of difficulties in procuring the essentials required for the associated ceremonies. When I came across this portal my problems pertaining to procurement of samagris disappeared.  I received all the samagri at my doorstep and in opportune moment”

Chhath Pooja comes twice in a year, Devotees offer prayers and salutation to the setting sun on this festival. This pooja is held in high esteem and regard to the solar deity. It is considered as the festival of forgiveness and compassion; we will deliver the samagri needed with the religious belief at door step in any part of the country. The ritual of Chhath Pooja also requires fresh products like Grass, Sugar cane plants with leaves, Vegetables and Fruits, Turmeric and Ginger small plants, Beetle leaves and Banana leaves, we plan to deliver these also but initially in the Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) only.

They have offered various Chhath Pooja Araghya Baskets (Pooja kits), on the portal with mostly branded products, apart from packaged baskets they are offering open individual pooja related products as per the needs of the devotee. Hundred of Chhath Pooja kits have already been booked mostly from Bihar‟s living outside Bihar in places like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and Gujarat.

The basic purpose of this e commerce initiative is to give a platform to celebrate the festival for those living away. This will help us retain our culture and heritage and pass it on to the next generation. This pooja is held in high esteem and regard to the solar deity. It is considered as the festival of forgiveness and compassion. Celebrated with deep religious fervour across Bihar, Jharkhand, parts of Uttar Pradesh and among Bihari migrants from all over the country, the four-day ‘Chhath’ will begin on November 15

“With estimated 70 lakh plus Bihari‟s living outside the state , we see a good potential to be part of the estimated at Rs. 1.8 lakh crore faith market in the country” said Mr. Sharan.

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