Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2020

Dental Assistant Careers – Job Description

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A dental practice requires a number of employees as well as the dentist himself, including, at a minimum, a receptionist and a dental assistant. A dental assistant performs a number of prep and support-related tasks around the dentist’s office, as well as working hands-on with patients, though perhaps not to the extent of a dental hygienist, who is trained in more advanced dental procedures.

Education/Training for Dental Assistants

Dental assistant positions don’t require a college degree. Dental assistants used to simply learn on the job — there was relatively little formal training — but now almost all dental assistants entering the field are certified dental assistants who have completed a nine- to 11-month training course before beginning their dental assistant careers.

Work of a Dental Assistant

The job responsibilities of a dental assistant include assisting the dentist in a number of treatment procedures; taking and developing dental X-rays; recording the patient’s medical history and measuring blood pressure; taking impressions of teeth for casts, which are models of teeth; and performing administrative and office management tasks, including bookkeeping and billing.

Employment Prospects for Dental Assistants

Dental Assistant Careers – Job Description

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental assistants have excellent future employment prospects, as dental assistant career opportunities are expected to grow by 36 percent. This rapid growth is caused by the increased focus on preventive dental health —which results in an older demographic keeping their teeth for longer — and the fact that modern dentists’ offices have more equipment and perform more procedures, requiring more dental assistants to help free up dentists’ time.

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