Published On: Thu, Nov 26th, 2015


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1. Pursuant to the Govt. of Haryana Notification dt October 21, 2015, through which there has been an upward revision of Minimum Wages in all categories of Scheduled Employments; DLF and DLF City RWA have encouraged the move.
2. DLF Residents foresee efficiency and better services with hike in statutory wages
3. The maintenance charges will be revised to a maximum of Rs. 3.50 per sq yard per month.
4. The maintenance charges were last revised in 2011.

The single largest resident representation body in DLF City – DLF City RWA has emerged as the most effective interface between its residents and their service providers.

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DLF City RWA has welcomed the announcement of Statutory Hike of wages and they foresee it as a move to provide better services to its residents. The Secretary General of DLF City RWA Mr. Sudhir Kapoor mentioned that the increase in wage is statutory in nature and therefore is being accepted and implemented.

He also highlighted that owing to the gravity of the situation, a stakeholder meeting was convened and an unanimous decision was taken that in order to ensure effective delivery of maintenance & security services, the maintenance charges which were last increased April’2011 should now be revised to a maximum of Rs. 3.50 per sq yard per month. A circular with revised maintenance charges is also being circulated in all DLF phases.

The Secretary General of DLF City RWA Mr. Sudhir Kapoor said, “We continue to look for cooperation from our residents to help enable us in our efforts to progressively improve the quality of their lives”.

The announcement from DLF City RWA has also come up as a relief for Maintenance staffers who were speculating a manpower downsizing.

In the past also, DLF City RWA has been adopting measures to ensure better services to its residents. One of the most commendable moves was of De-Centralization and Re-structuring of their structure. They have created phase centric “Affiliates” in order to enable quicker responses to various issues pertaining to Maintenance services and Security. The existing structure enforces accountability at each operational level and is acting as an effective tool in improving the satisfaction level of the residents wrt maintenance and security services.

The spokesperson of DEDL said,” The support and cooperation from DLF City RWA and DLF Residents has always been commendable. DLF Residents have always appreciated our efforts to provide them with better services and DLF City RWA has always taken care of their residents’ sentiments and have ensured quality in all virtues”.

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