Published On: Mon, Sep 7th, 2015

Don’t Like Morning Walk? Take Vitamin C Supplements, Get Equal Benefits: Study

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If you are obese or overweight, and doctors suggest you to go for morning walk everyday and do all the related exercises, it is time to say no to all these. A new finding suggests Vitamin C supplements can replace these to help you give some more time to concentrate on your busy schedules.

A study was conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the US, to examine whether the intake of Vitamin C supplements can give equal benefits like morning walk and exercises.

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It was found a daily supplement of the same of 500 mg can give as much benefit as walking for exercise.

Usually the blood vessels results with elevated activity of the small vessel-constricting protein called endothelin (ET)-1 in those adults who are overweight or obese and due to this the vessels become more prone to the constricting and increase the risk of vascular diseases.

Constricting is the term for the vessels becoming less responsive to the demand of blood flow.

Morning walk and exercises helps in reducing the ET-1 activity.

In today’s fast moving era it is challenging to spare some time every day for morning walk and exercise. Hence, the new finding may cheer all those who are overweight or obese and don’t have much time to go for morning walk.

Details of the finding were presented at the 14th International Conference on Endothelin: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics in Savannah, Georgia, US. It says a daily intake of 500 mg of Vitamin C supplements can replace morning walk and exercise. It will give same benefits.

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