Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2018

Driving Tips In Mexico

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For the more adventurous tourist who doesn’t want to spend their whole vacation at a resort, renting a car is a good option. It allows you the freedom of mobility you will need to see attractions that most vacationers don’t get to enjoy.

Driving Tips In Mexico

There are a few things to be aware of though, if you decide to rent a car. First, pay very close attention when you are at the car rental company, read everything they get you to sign, and if you are paying with cash, ask them how much the deposit is. Also, it is wise to go over the car very closely and inspect it for any existing damage and make sure they take a note of it so that later on, when you return it, they can’t blame you for it. When actually driving, to avoid problems with the police, do not speed! If you do get stopped, it does no good to get angry or belligerent with them even if you have done nothing and are being pulled over for no good reason.

Being pulled over for nothing has happened to me on a few occasions and while it is frustrating, if you are apologetic and give them respect as an official, sometimes they will let you go with a warning. If you argue with them, you are guaranteed to either have your licence taken or be given a ticket. All of this can be mostly avoided, however, if the rules of the road are followed closely.

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