Published On: Fri, Dec 20th, 2019

Easy Meditation for Beginners

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Some people tend to shy away from meditation because it can seem a little difficult in the beginning to master the techniques needed. However, instead of trying to perfect the techniques in the beginning, it’s better to start with something simple.

Techniques of Meditation

There are three basics to meditation. One is proper breathing. This is done by taking long, deep breaths. Although it sounds easy, it can be challenging. Clearing the mind is another essential for meditation which can also have it’s share of challenges as many people can’t focus enough to keep distractions away.

Lastly, a good meditation pose is essential for the flow of energy which is believed to run through the body while meditating. The most common position is to sit while keeping a good posture. For people who aren’t used to sitting with a proper posture, this can cause for the back to feel uncomfortable.

Simple Beginner MeditationFor this meditation, don’t worry about the techniques for the moment. If not comfortable sitting, go ahead and lay down on your back with arms running parallel to the legs. If possible, try to get breathing a little slower. Just laying down should help.

Relaxation VisualizationInstead of trying to clear the mind, think of something enjoyable and relaxing that is coming up. It can be something happening that day such as curling up on the couch in a snuggly robe watching a favorite TV show or something that is happening in the future such as going on a hike, reading a favorite book, sitting under the stars at night or a camping trip.

What is envisioned in the mind doesn’t really matter as long as it’s something that brings pleasure and relaxation. This meditation can last only a minute or two for a quick stress relief or much longer such as using it as a way to relax before falling asleep at night.

Easy Meditation for Beginners

Once comfortable doing this, then time can be spent on learning good techniques for meditation which can greatly enhance the meditation experience. It’s also good to ask what the goal is for learning meditation. Is it for relaxation? How about bringing more focus and clarity? Meditation can even be used for healing.

Don’t expect to master any meditation techniques when first beginning. Start with an easy visualization exercise to begin with, then build up to proper breathing, posture, and clearing the mind. It might be helpful to look into some candles, incense or meditation music to help create the mood of relaxation. Just keep it simple initially, then work your way up.

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