Published On: Mon, Jun 3rd, 2019

Employee skills management

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A very important aspects about HR managers is that they keep track of your employee’s skills and competences. Especially nowadays it is very important to manage the skills of people.

Of course HR management needs to take into account the soft skills of employees and manager. Equal important are the hard skills, qualifications and competencies your employees possess. Nowadays there are many different ways to manage the skills of employees. Many organizations use excel and matrices to identify strengths and weaknesses in the workforce. The importance of skills management is shown in the way organizations can take action to improve their competitive advantage by spotting skill and competency gaps. In this way your organization can improve the training programs and refine your employee’s skills and increase overall performance. It is also a necessary way to prepare your organization for the future, the skills needed today are perhaps overdue next week.

So, how can you identify the skill gaps? The HR department first needs to set up a skills database and there are many to do this. Organizations can either use Word or Excel. However, if organizations really want to get the most out of it, a skills management software is needed. In this way HR managers are able to easily monitor, asses and analyse the skills of your employees.

employee skills management

Then, you can build your skills matrices. With the software of AG5 you can even do this without programming. When organizations use Excel to make skills matrices, HR employees have to deal with formulas that can easily be ‘destroyed’, multiple tabs are in use and a clear overview is not present. With the software of AG5 your organization is even able to install notification when certifications are about to expire!

So, skills management is a necessary component if your organization wants to gain a competitive advantage and increase performance!

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