Published On: Sun, Nov 15th, 2015

Facebook Confirms Activating “Safety Check” Tool In More Human Disasters

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Facebook will be turning on its “Safety Check” tool again in more human disasters, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

First tested in 2011 after the Tokyo tsunami and nuclear disaster, the “Safety Check” was activated after the Paris attacks to help the victims of crisis send a notification to their family and friends on Facebook confirming they are safe.

Facebook Confirms Activating Safety Check Tool In More Human Disasters

More to this, Facebook profile pictures were also updated with French flags. However, questions have also been raised why the support was not extended to the bombings in Beirut one day ahead of the Paris attacks that killed 40 people.

Zuckerberg said they will work hard in helping people in similar crisis.

This is the first time the tool has been used for non-natural disaster. The CEO mentioned the policy of Facebook has also been changed after the Paris attacks to allow the tool to be used in a human disaster too.

The tool may not be used in ongoing crisis like war or epidemic, said Alex Schultz, vice president of growth.

He added such crisis are ongoing and hence don’t have a clear start or clear end point.

Currently Facebook boasts over one billion daily active users from across the world and hence the criticism reinforces it is needed for the social giant to maintain a global perspective instead of a Western one.

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