Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

Facebook Introduces Siri, Google Now Kind ‘M’ Virtual Assistant

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After very recent Donate Now button introduction, Facebook is today again in news and this time targeting bigger brands in the tech industry. It sets sights on Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

The social network giant is trying to take a deep step in virtual assistant segment, calling its new entry simple as ‘M’, which is said to rival all the leading artificial intelligences.

Facebook Introduces Siri, Google Now Kind 'M' Virtual Assistant

The ‘M’ has started trialling in San Francisco to answer questions of users as well as do things such as find a last-minute present and reserve a table at a restaurant. The product will be backed into Messenger of the social platform.

According to vice president of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, the service is a personal digital assistant found within Messenger will be able to find information and complete task for users. The ‘M’ is powered by artificial intelligence and human input, which means it is trained and supervised by people.

On his Facebook page Marcus further added that the new service can get gifts delivered, make appointments, book restaurants, book travel arrangements, purchase items and many more.

Facebook claims the responding capability of ‘M’ to complicated queries will be better than Google Now and Siri as it will learn patterns of human assistants.

As of now it is not known when Facebook will make the ‘M’ available for all the locations.

Earlier in 2015 Facebook announced Business on Messenger to monetize the service.

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