Published On: Tue, Feb 25th, 2020

Film Review – Date Night

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Date Night, starring everyone’s favourite comedians Tina Fey and Steve Carell. It is silly, funny and all round enjoyable.

Date Night is about a couple called the Fosters, Fey and Carell, with two kids, jobs and a house in suburban New Jersey. Their life is on auto pilot, including Date Night, until they decide it was time for a change. A night in the city turns a little crazy when they steal a reservation at an exclusive restaurant. Little did they know they stole the reservation of a thieving couple and are now racing to save not only their marriage but their lives. Dodgy cops, the mafia and a half naked Mark Wahlberg makes for a high drama adventure they never expected.

Blockbuster Comedy Actors.

Tina Fey has become the ‘it’ girl of comedy in recent times and so far she can do no wrong. Audiences will know her from Saturday Night Live, especially her freakishly good Sarah Palin impersonations. Tina has also written, produced and starred in other fabulous comedies, 30 Rock, Baby Mama and Mean Girls.

Steve Carell has a very long list of comedy films to his name that has really made him the man to go to for fun, lighthearted comedy. From Anchorman, The Office and 40 Year Old Version, he has warmed audiences hearts and kept the laughter loud.

So put these two together and you should get a great comedy movie. Especially on that night that calls for non violent, no expletives, no heavy thinking necessary. It is good, easy, personable humour and looks into a 30 something married couple stuck in that familiar rut. So it is a topic that many could understand, but hope that it doesn’t take a crazy night out to fix it.

It has Chemistry.

Film Review - Date Night

While the whole movie is quite typical and predictable in it’s story line, it is made more entertaining by the chemistry between the two main characters. Fey and Carell are fantastic together and really do seem like a couple who know each other too well. The two of them make a great on screen couple and can easily play off each other.

A Comedy with Action.

This is a comedy film, but it has some great elements of an action. It even goes so far as to have a car chase, helicopters and people shooting at each other. But it is still Carell and Fey so don’t expect it to be too serious. So this means an audience of sweet boyfriends taking their girlfriend to the movies will also enjoy this film. It has a lot going for the action lovers if action means a messed up Audi.

All in all this is a great film to go and see for a laugh at a particular normal couple. Audiences may relate, others will cringe, but it definitely lends itself to a wide audience. With Fey and Carell’s chemistry and easy humour to speeding shots down the streets of Manhattan this film can be any audience’s ideal movie.

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