Published On: Sun, Dec 25th, 2016

Firefox Support To End In Sept 2017 For Windows XP, Vista

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Finally Mozilla’s Firefox browser too has stopped supporting Windows XP and Vista, but not immediately. Owners of decade-old PC can still enjoy it until September 2017 and the phasing out will be seen in phases.

The company final update or support will be in middle of 2017 and the cord will be finally cut in September, beyong which there will be no security updates delivery.

However, it is not to worry beyong September 2017 as this does not mean the browser will not work on Windows XP and Vista thereafter.


Experts have always suggested it will be impractical to continue using the browser when security flaws are hard to avoid.

It is better to switch to newwer version of Windows to avoid one of such several issues that may risk exposure of data without ones knowledge.

Share your own voice too with us and fellow readers whether Windows XP and Vista should be avoided. Use the below given comment box.

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