Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Five Ways to Immediately Reduce Debt

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Credit cards can provide instant cash, but credit card payments can easily balloon out of control. One quickly finds out that credit cards giveth and taketh away. Once debt has been amassed, consumers can take certain steps to help eliminate and shrink the debt they have accumulated.

Lower Monthly Credit Card Payments

Fluctuating interest rates and growing debt can leave consumers scared and confused about their financial options. Instead of being overwhelmed, people should take advantage of opportunities that could help to make debt more manageable.

Consolidate Credit Cards – Instead of paying multiple credit card bills with varying interest rates and terms, consumers can lump all of their debt into one monthly payment. This process is called consolidating debt. Most banks provide various opportunities to consolidate debt. One can consolidate credit card debt onto one fixed-rate bank-provided credit card with a lower interest rate. Consumers can also refinance a home or automobile to encompass their credit card debt. In this process, consumers combine their credit debt with their home or auto debt and end up paying one monthly bill for everything. When consolidating, it is important to work with a loan officer to make sure that the new monthly bill will be manageable and will reduce the interest rate that is currently applied to the debt.

Negotiate with Creditors – Beyond refinancing, consumers can also negotiate directly with creditors to lower interest rates or defer payments. Negotiating with creditors can be difficult, but it can be worth it in some instances. It is important for consumers to always stay polite but persistent, and to have an idea of what they would like changed about their plan. If consumers are proactive and direct about their needs, companies will be more likely to either provide a solution or negotiate a compromise that both parties can agree to.

Five Ways to Immediately Reduce Debt

Eliminate Debt by Generating More Income

Making and keeping more money may not sound like the easiest plan of action to most. For many, it is difficult enough to just scrape by financially. There are some ways that people can stretch their dollars and pay off their debt in a more timely manner.

Set and Stick to a Budget – When times are tight, budgets are essential. People need to understand how much money is coming in and going out of their accounts. Many online sites provide free budget calculators that can help people predict their financial needs from month to month. Once all of the monthly payments are clear, one can start thinking about ways to cut expenses in certain areas. When more money is needed to pay credit card bills, perhaps things like gym memberships or expensive coffee should be put on hold for a while. It is important for people to set a realistic budget and to stick to it. By eliminating wasteful spending, debt can be tackled much more efficiently.

Get a Second Job – This tip may be easier said than done. Many people have problems finding just one good job. Money-making opportunities are present though in places that many might not initially look. The Internet provides a variety of ways to make extra cash by consulting, teaching, writing articles or selling crafts. Head hunters can also help to find people temporary and part-time work. Even mowing some neighbors’ yards or shoveling snow can add up to some extra money to pay the bills. It may not be easy, but it will help to reduce debt.

Sell Belongings- When facing debt, people need to figure out what they can live without. For some, selling a car might be a way to make a hefty payment to a creditor. For others, a simple garage sale might be the answer to paying off more of their debt. Assets will vary for each person, but selling belongings can help people reach their long-term financial goals in the end.
Live Within Means to Avoid Credit Crisis

Finally, after the debt has been paid off, it is important for people to remember how to budget so that they can avoid credit debt in the future. By setting financial goals and devising a plan to reach them, anyone can alleviate debt and avoid future credit crises.

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