Published On: Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

Fleksy Keyboard Acquired By Pinterest?

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Lately there had been no Twitter updates of Fleksy keyboard. Emails too went unanswered. Fans have been wondering why the official website too is down. Everything looked suspicious.

Fleksy Keyboard Acquired By Pinterest

The company’s PR has revealed the reason. It reads Flesky has been acquired by Pinterest.

Fleksy keyboard grabbed popularity for its aggressive autocorrect feature. It is able to get gist of typing even if it is a total mess. It is compact and has good fan base.

With so much of useful features and immense popularity it is nice to know the keyboard is not dead, no immediately of course.

The Fleksy keyboard will continue to be made available in the Play Store as usual, but with a little change, as reported.

It is being said the keyboard will be open sourcing some of its components and those will be related to support for blind and visually impaired.

As of now it is not openly revealed Pinterest has acquired Fleksy. Several sources too claim the news is not completely true citing only engineers have been acquired and not the technology.

Do you believe Fleksy has been completely acquired by Pinterest? Share your own views and also some of the features of Fleksy keyboard that made it highly popular on Play Store with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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